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We All Need the Best Support System

Everyone needs the best support system. Support, when compared to a person is the type who offers a crying shoulder, a sympathetic ear, and an empathetic hand. A hand which leads you along cleared paths when you’re blinded by troubles, pain, and failure. A hand which understands how you feel and humbly become wrong even when right just to have you consoled. A hand that simply squeezes yours to assure you that you’re not alone.

The aforementioned can be the best support source at any given situation. When you have issues at work and with yourself, you could use that kind of support.

I have issues at work. I wrote about it last night. The first few sentences are still seen on my Facebook’s Networked Blogs app. But the actual post itself does not appear when you click on the link. Blogger had maintenance issues and had the post removed temporarily, so they say. Assuring statements that deleted posts will be restored had been posted hours ago but my post is still not there.

I have no backup copy of it so I cannot have it reposted again. I did write about issues at work in the said blog post.

…How we have been scattered like stray sheep without a shepherd while the shepherd himself had been reduced to a sheep.

…How the end began last year with all too many people who had come and gone. These include five supervisors past, not including this recent shepherd I was talking about.

…How surprising the end sometimes comes. It is like a slap in your face when you’re unprepared so it hurts twice as much more.

…How there is victory even in defeat knowing that your situation is still far better than others.

As of this time though, the deleted posts were retrieved by Blogger . I see the missing one now. Full details of the previous lines on top of this paragraph were written at the aforementioned missing-now-found post.

Going back to a person who acts as support yet not the best support there is; in fact, can be the worst support as opposed to how the best is described at the beginning of this narrative.

I can attest to having the worst support ever. I already have issues to deal at work knowing that there is none in the next few days, I have issues with myself, and I have issues with relationships. The same person to whom I expect support from shoved me away.

I have issues at work…

There may not be any in the next few days. There are many options afterwards but choosing among those is tough enough. I did not intend to leave either. The place is conveniently close. The people are amazingly warm hearted. The close friends I have developed over the past two years are not easy to part ways with.

I have issues with myself…

Almost finished six months of drugs which help calm stressed thoughts and block negative chemicals in the brain but I doubt if I’d get to complete the cycle anymore. I feel like it is no longer working. I wanted to ask for a different brand or a higher dosage from the doctor but I haven’t visited the office yet.

Blaming the drug or the doctor for the lack of effect on my apathetic heart does not help either. Since day one, it was explained that people like me need an understanding, if not the best support system. No wonder why I no longer feel any difference. It appeared to have worked during the first phase of the medication but the effect is declining as the month’s progress. This may not have anything to do with drug dosage and brand or with the doctor. The lack of support explains it all.

I am relaxed and happy at work despite of issues faced every day. This can be attributed to the work environment in general. Not to blame anyone or anything for my emotional ups and downs but it all boils down to a support that does not support at all. True, something like this cannot be cured but it is at least controllable. The sad truth is that, the so-called support already knows the condition to begin with and yet there is no trace of support in a way – no crying shoulder, no sympathetic ear, and no empathetic hand.

What I get instead is the “it’s your fault you’re crazy” treatment every time. Instead of being lead to clear paths, I am told that I’m simply dumb that’s why I have no clue. There is no hand which understands either. I am instead challenged to end what we have and sent packing home.

I have issues with relationships…

That is to one alone. All the details above pertain to that one relationship/hardship. I never challenged breaking up and separating ways even when I’m angry. I scream, I hurt myself, and I don’t sleep instead. I never leave. I’m always the one left behind.

Just to end this long narrative, I hope to have the best support system ever. I’m sure all issues won’t matter much if I have one.

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