How to Change PLDT Home DSL WiFi Name and Password |

How to Change PLDT Home DSL WiFi Name and Password

PLDT's WiFi router name is simply PLDTMYDSL. So if you live in an area (like I do) with several PLDT DSL subscribers nearby, chances are, your gadgets will detect other routers with a similar name. 

What's good at least is that you can actually change the extension to have a unique name assigned to your device (i.e. PLDTMYDSL_YourDesiredNameHere). Other than the WiFi name, you can also modify the Wi-Fi password to prevent unauthorized users from connecting to your connection for free. Here's how. 

How to Change PLDT Home DSL WiFi Name and Password

1. Open a browser and go to

2. Enter the default admin login. 

Username: adminpldt
Password: 1234567890 or 0123456789

Note that this is not the same as other PLDT connections such as the HomeBro Ultera (formerly SmartBro). 

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New Router Models

You can actually change the default router password (for newer models). You'll be prompted to change the password during the initial setup process. 

Side note (story time mode) not related to the post: 

The old one we were using was replaced due to a recurring intermittent connectivity issue. The older router was still within warranty so the replacement was free.

How to Change PLDT WiFi Name and Password

Speaking of newer router models, you can actually drop the default PLDTMYDSL name and just choose any router name you'd like. The process is similar with 

4. Click Setup on the upper menu and then WLAN on the left panel. It will show the Basic settings.

SSID is the Wi-Fi name. 

5. On the left panel, go to Security.

Pre-Shared Key is the Wi-Fi password. 

Tick the "Show Pre-shared Key" box in order to show the password (making sure you typed it right). 

6. Apply Changes for both Wi-Fi Name and Password updates. 

Video Tutorial Version

Here's a video tutorial version I recorded recently:

PLDT DSL Support

For all other PLDT troubleshooting guides, visit the PLDT DSL Support page
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  1. ganyan din ung modem namin pero ayaw lahat lahat na ginawa ko

  2. Try mo mag-manual reset para bumalik sa default settings.

  3. nag log in na po ako sa router user name at password na binigay niyo pero hindi parin gumana
    hindi ko po mabuksan yung wifi firewall
    i need ur help po, thank you

    1. Hello. Try mo yung ibang login options. Pwede mo ring ireset yung router para bumalik sa default login in case na napalitan na.