How to Change PLDT HomeBro Ultera Wi-Fi Name and Password

Since SmartBro is now PLDT HomeBro Ultera, most legacy canopy accounts are being upgraded one by one (whether you like it or not). If your SmartBro account is now converted to the new PLDT version and you'd like to make changes that are at least allowed like changing the Wi-Fi name and password, here's how to do it. 

Begin by bringing up the command prompt. How this is done varies depending on your computer's operating system. In general, typing CMD on the search bar will pull up the command prompt window. 

Type "ipconfig" after the computer user name (in the image above it's after Marcyscreed) and hit enter. 

From the results, look for default gateway. This is the URL you will enter on a browser's address bar in order to open the Internet Service Provider's (PLDT) interface. Make sure your device is connected to the right ISP (in case you have multiple Internet source) when doing this in order to accurately get the default gateway address. 

I entered The window asked for a Username and Password. If nothing had been changed yet (assuming this is the case since it's a newly migrated account), the default login is simply homebro for both username and password.

Once you have accessed the interface, click on Basic Settings under Wireless on the menu at the left panel. You can now change the Wi-Fi name under the SSID field. Don't change anything else. Changing the default configuration will mess up your connection. 

The Wi-Fi password on the other hand can be edited by going to Security, still under the Wireless tab. 

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  1. i try homebro for password and username but it wont work, does someone hack and change it, how to turn it back?pls rply asap

    1. I don't know which model you have but see if there's any reset button. You may be able to reset the device into factory settings so you can try using the default username/password after.

    2. I have this kind of problem also. will resetting could be the possible answer to my problem?

    3. See if you can do that. Some models don't even have a reset button.

  2. it works for me also :) thanks 10/10