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Quattro Grill Bar and Restaurant Dagupan

I've been to Quattro Grill bar and restaurant in Dagupan City for several times already but it's always a pleasure each time, specially because of the view at night. It's also quite possibly because the city causes nostalgia. I reminisce about college days and remember numerous relatives living within the western side of Pangasinan. 

Here's a panoramic view of the city from the bar:

And here is a collage of all photos from this most recent trip. 

Quattro Grill Bar and Restaurant Dagupan

Food, Drinks and Entertainment

There's not much to say about the food and drinks. It's the typical offer in bars so I don't have that much photos. 

There is also a live band entertainment on certain days, which is also okay. 

It's the view from below that I always enjoy the most. 

Hence, here are relaxing photos to chill upon:

The entire road (all above and below) stretches from Arellano Street all the way to Bonuan, where a beach is located. 

Right below are popular landmarks and buildings. 

Above and below is the Quattro Grill logo. 

Quattro Grill Bar and Restaurant Dagupan

Address: Arellano Street, Dagupan, Pangasinan

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