From SM Advantage Card to SM Prestige Card

I first heard about the SM Prestige card while reading about the SM Advantage card online. I even called the latter a disadvantage card in the past. :D But seeing the number of points I’ve earned over the years through several renewed cards, it may indeed be advantageous after all considering the fact that I can redeem those points and I’ll still be shopping through SM anyway with or without the card.

Advantages of having an SM Prestige Card

Like the SM Advantage card, the SM Prestige Card offers benefits as well. Some of the notable ones include the following:

1. Redeemable points every time you shop through SM and its partners
2. Discounts and freebies from various establishments as well as special deals exclusively available for Prestige card holders. You will be notified via email.
3. Free delivery (with minimum purchase) for SM Appliance and Ace Hardware
4. Access to SM Prestige Lounge
5. Valet shopping (upon reservation)
6. Priority fitting rooms in SM Department stores
7. Concierge services which include gift wrapping, bills payment, and other services
8. Special check-out lanes at SM Supermarkets and hypermarkets

For the latter three benefits, you can easily spot the lanes through the SM Prestige card logo.

sm prestige card

How to Qualify for the SM Prestige Card

To become a Prestige Card holder, you should first be a SMAC (Advantage card holder) and have made a purchase of at least 300,000 within 2 years. Prestige status is automatically renewed with a minimum spending on 150,000 within 2 years. Spending is of course should be at SM stores and its affiliates.

If you feel like you are already qualified for Prestige, you can contact SMAC through their hotline or through a customer service counter at any SM branch. It is automatically detected by their system though so you don’t necessarily have to do anything. You will be notified through text, email or a phone call.

In my case, I received an SMS notification and was instructed to show the text to a customer service attendant at any SM mall along with my Advantage card and a valid ID. The Prestige card was issued after a few minutes but I get to keep the other card. I just actually renewed it a few weeks earlier and can still use till it expires in 2016.

What it Means to have an SM Prestige Card

I don’t know; prestige maybe or at least the feeling of it? I haven’t even availed of the benefits listed above. Anyway, the card is quite new so I am yet to try a priority fitting room, concierge services, and checkout lanes. For the latter, the dedicated counters are always filled with shoppers with a mountain of items in their carts so I’d rather follow a regular shopper’s lane. :D

What shocked me is that I’ve spent that much already? It doesn’t even include other malls and stores where we shop and dine as well. I wouldn’t call it unnecessary spending though because it consists of groceries at home and gadgets or gizmos that are needed. We moved last summer and needed stuff so that’s one factor. But how I wish I could have saved more and spent less instead.


Here's an update to this post about two years after (November 2016). Renewal had never been easy. I just presented my card to an SM Department Store Customer Service counter (any branch works for this purpose) and waited for verification. It took about a minute or so including printing my new card. 

While renewal is automatic with a minimum spend of 150,000 within two years, you still need to present the card for replacement at any SM customer service counter because there is an expiry date on those cards. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes it does; just like the original SM Advantage Card.

  2. As a Prestige member for a few years now, what I could say are the best perks of our membership would have to be:

    1) The Courtesy Lanes at the SM Supermarkets/Hypermarkets: They are of great convenience, especially during peak seasons as you don't get subjected to massive queues. If there are lines, however, you get to sit in the provided chairs apart from the Senior Citizen's lane.

    2) The Preview sales at The SM Store and a few affiliates: Only those The SM Store branches with Prestige lounges in them have these sale events which happens on Thursdays before the 3-day sale starts. The items are already on discount plus an additional 10% markdown which is not qualified for regular SMAC members. What this means is that you don't have to be at the store between 9am (or earlier) to 12 noon on Fridays for the regular SMAC sale. I believe this promo is extended to the other SM affiliates such as ACE Hardware, Uniqlo, Crate and Barrel, and SM Appliance Center (only 5% for Appliance).

    3) Free delivery for The SM Store, Our Home, and SM Appliance Center: Every Php50,000 purchase entitles you to free delivery within 10km radius of the store. *Bonus hack - If you live far enough from the Appliance Center, you can ask them to waive the fee for you (all it takes are PR skills).

    4) The Prestige Lounge: Ultimately, this has got to be the single huge perk of being a member. The lounges look so gorgeous, not to mention, the staff are well-trained and very courteous. You get to have endless supply of coffee and water for you and 2 guests. *Bonus hack - whenever you need to bond with your friends over a cup of coffee but worry about spending cash on expensive ones, you can take them there and stay for hours.

    That's all. Hope that helps you and rekindle your love for SM Prestige. :)


    1. Thank you for sharing a very detailed comment. What I enjoy the most is the Preview sales as you have mentioned. There are also sales events that are exclusive for Prestige members.

  3. What are the contact information to check if we qualify to upgrade to Prestige?

    1. This page should give you more information >

      Quote from that page:

      "To know if you have already qualified for Prestige membership, please inquire at the Customer Service Counter of any branch of The SM Store, or call the SM Advantage Hotline: 833-8888 (for Metro Manila) or 1-800-10-833-8888(for areas outside Metro Manila)."

  4. How about parking fee? I hope having a prestige card would entitle me to a free parking space considering that I do my groceriea everyday for my business.

    1. No. Sadly, parking fee in not included.

  5. Pwede po ba hiramin yung card nung may ari nung card? Mother ko po may ari.

  6. whats the diff of emerald and prestige?

    1. You mean the BDO Rewards card? Based on this page from the BDO website,, the perks are almost the same as the SM Advantage card (including Prestige).

      BDO Emerald Rewards Card:
      1. Discount coupons from SM partner stores, restaurants and hotels
      2. Access to exclusive SM Mall and Partner sale events
      3. Inclusion in SM and Rewards Partner promotions

      Some of the perks listed above (for SM Prestige) are not available for the BDO Emerald Rewards card though.

  7. Does becoming Prestige holder depends on total amount you spent? How about for SMAC pts, would you know how many pts to become prestige holder?

  8. Is it only based on total amount spent,how about if pts earned, how many SMAC pts to become Prestige holder? Thanks!

    1. No points requirement for Prestige, just total amount spent in SM stores.

    2. The points are equal to peso spend. Just multiply your total points to the peso amount of a point.

  9. May prestige card din ako bago lang. Kailangan b pag renew dapat b naka spend k ng minimum of 150,000 at pwede pa din ba mag renew kahit lagpas n ng 150,000? thanks

    1. "Your SM Prestige membership is automatically renewed if you maintain the minimum required spending of P150,000 across all SM Retail establishments within two years."

      Yan nakalagay sa website ng SMAC pero kelangan mo pa rin pumunta sa SM customer service counters para palitan yung mismong card kasi may expiry date.

  10. Hi! By far, I've got 2,704 points in my SMAC. How many points do I need to avail the prestige card?

    1. I think it's not based on points but based on how accumulated money spent? In my case, it was offered freely through email & SMS which I registered for the original SMAC.

    2. will i get a notification if I'm qualified for a renewal? If I didn't get any notification does that mean I'll be reverted back to SMAC?