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Lounging at the SM Prestige Lounge

One of the perks included by having an SM Prestige card (an upgraded version of the default SM Advantage card) is an access to SM Prestige Lounge. 

SM Prestige Lounge

It took almost five years after receiving the first upgraded card for me to actually experience what this was all about. Part of the reason why is because there are only a few locations where this is available and most people won't intentionally drop by an SM mall just to try the lounge. But when I incidentally saw one at the Mall of Asia, 💡I headed inside to check it out. 

SM Prestige Lounge

Inside, it looks like any other similar service. Expect a loungey ambiance with coffee tables and sofas. But they at least complimentary coffee drinks. You can also read newspapers or just chill. There's free Wi-Fi available too. So it can cater to both millennial (the latter) and the older generation (ehem, reading papers). 

It can be a good place to meet someone without paying for drinks, wait for a family or friend completing an errand (grocery, bills, banking, shopping, services, and so on) or to simply laze the time away here if you don't feel like walking around the mall. 

Lounge Requirements

To use the lounge, just present your SM Prestige Card along with a valid ID for verification. You can bring 2 guests along. 


There are only a few malls with this option at the moment. Here's the list from the official SM Advantage website: 

SM Prestige Lounge locations

More Information about the SM Prestige Card

To learn more about the SM Prestige Card to avail of the lounge services and other perks, you may refer to this post: 


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