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Ellen’s Fondness to Pinoy Talents Continues As Another One Invited

Well, it is pretty apparent that Ellen DeGeneres warmly welcomes Pinoy talents on her show as the latest invitation was extended to Roland Abante, the newest YouTube singing sensation from Cebu who was caught belting Michael Bolton’s “To Love Somebody” whose viral video is making waves like a wildfire, already earning a whooping 800,000 views and still increasing.

                             Abante on his viral video performance

“Bunot” as his friends fondly call him was just enjoying himself singing in a karaoke (quite oblivious of his surroundings as he even goes topless on foot, just having a good time). Thanks to his friend now-manager Tricia Maricel Mendoza who uploaded his video performance that led to his overnight stardom.

Roland Abante

Because of his jaw-dropping performance, there was a massive and rapid sharing and posting of his astonishing singing in different social media sites that caught the attention of the management of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Mendoza, Abante’s manager, stated that an agent of the renowned American TV network NBC, had invited Roland “Bunot” Abante to star on the show to his delight.  The invitation to the famous talk show had been positively supported by the Filipino community and excitedly extended their congratulatory comments on his famous viral video.

Ellen DeGeneres for numerous times has invited other talented Filipino singers on her show. Charice Pempengco was the first YouTube talent that ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ had invited way back 2009 which opened the gates to her international stardom. It was then followed by the “Dance With My Father” kid Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and his cousin James Walter Bucong from General Santos after their viral video rendition of Luther Vandross’ Dance with My Father’ also caught the international attention, hence, asked to grace the said show. There’s also Rhap Salazar who had been invited to perform live. And who will ever forget the “Random Girl” who was caught in a video belting out flawlessly “And I Am Telling You” in a local mall kiosk with a videoke microphone? Well, "Random Girl" Zendee Rose Tenerefe is no longer random as she  was invited late 2012 in Ellen and is making her way to stardom now.

                     "Random Girl" no-more Zendee Rose Tenerefe in Ellen

                     "Dance With My Father"  kid Aldrich Lloyd Talonding

So with Abante being the next talented Filipino singer who has been recognized and even scheduled to perform on the top-rating show, it's doubtless that he will have a tremendous mark.

To Roland “Bunot” Abante, you are indeed Pinoy pride!

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