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Cool Down with the Ultimate Summer Quenchers in SM Malls

As the scorching summer heat approaches, there's no better way to stay cool and refreshed than with a delightful selection of Summer Quencher drinks available at your favorite Pangasinan malls! Whether you're shopping, catching up with friends, or simply looking to cool off, these beverages are the perfect stopover to revitalize your senses and beat the heat.


Macao Imperial Tea

📍Ground Level, SM City Urdaneta Central & Level 2, SM Center Dagupan


Brighten your day with the vibrant zing of Macao Imperial Tea's Refreshing Lemon Yakult and Kumquat Lemon Tea. These zesty beverages will uplift your spirits and infuse your summer with a delightful tangy twist.


Gong Cha

📍Ground Level, SM City Rosales & Level 2, SM Center Dagupan


Introducing the Mango Seasonal Drink from Gong Cha, a marvelous blend that captures the essence of tropical mangoes. Choose between the luscious Mango Milk Tea with Passion Fruit Jelly and the rich Mango Smoothie with Passion Fruit Jelly. Available from May 15, 2024, but only for a limited time!



📍Ground Level, SM City Rosales & SM Center Dagupan


Step back to the basics with a perfect cup from Chatime. Enjoy the timeless appeal of classic milk tea flavors that bring simplicity and satisfaction to your summer refreshment choices. Cool down and relax with these beloved brews, crafted to perfection and served just how you like them.


Black Scoop

📍Level 2, SM City Urdaneta Central


Escape to the beach with every sip of Black Scoop's Calamansi cocktails and pineapple-infused delights. These tropical treats are your ticket to a serene beach day, filled with sun, sand, and sublime relaxation.



📍Ground Level, SM Center Dagupan & SM City Urdaneta Central


Dive into the sunny days with Koomi’s latest tropical concoctions—Aloha Like It, Drop It Lychee's Hot, and Pinenana Oh Nana. These #GuiltlessGoodness blends are here to cool you down and quench your summer thirst in the most delightful way.



📍Ground Level, SM City Rosales


Refresh your senses with Momoyo’s Freshly Squeezed Lemonade and an exotic selection of teas like Mango Dragon Fruit, Peach Crystal, and Fresh Lemon. Plus, enjoy the jumbo fruit tea, 1 liter of fruity goodness!


Beat the summer heat with a visit to SM malls in Rosales, Urdaneta City, and Dagupan City, and treat yourself to a refreshing experience like never before. Whether you crave tropical fruits, rejuvenating detox elixirs, or locally inspired flavors, you'll find a summer quencher drink awaiting you at every turn. Keep cool, stay refreshed, and ensure this summer is one to remember with these invigorating beverages.


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