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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines

What motivates you at work? Is it a sense of purpose, personal fulfillment or money? The latter doesn't mean you're working for the wrong reason. You can still love your work and be paid well at the same time. So whether you're already working or is planning to choose what career path to take, you just might be interested to know the top 10 highest paying jobs in the Philippines.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines


One of the highest paying jobs in the country include doctor and/or surgeons. The medical industry in general provides crucial and essential services linked to life and death situations. A doctor's (specially surgical) role is very risky because a simple mistake can already endanger a life. This is the why they have to spend years for their studies and training, making them worthy of a high salary.

doctors surgeons

As a doctor or surgeon, earnings you can possibly get ranges from Php76,300 to Php264,000 a month.


The salary of a judge ranges from Php64,000 to Php222,000 monthly. They bear a huge responsibility when it comes to making just decisions related to court cases.  Their line of work also put their lives at risk. 



If judges are paid well, then it is expected that lawyers also experience the same perk in general, knowing that both work together. Their lives are also at risk depending on the case they handle (i.e. criminal cases) and the client they are working with (like high profile personalities).


A lawyer can potentially earn from Php51,900 to Php179,000 on a good month just from lawyer fees alone.

Bank Managers

It is never an easy task to be indirectly responsible for securing millions of money (at least in paper or digital documents), which is what a bank manager does. Everything should be done carefully when it comes to money matters. The risks associated with this kind of profession makes it one of the highest paying jobs in the Philippines with a salary range of Php48,000 to Php169,000.

Chief Executive Officers (CEO)

Working as a chief executive officer in a company also means you can be held liable for the success and failure of the business. Your decisions can make or break the company.

CEO chief executive officer

A chief executive officer can earn from Php45,800 to Php158,000 (or even more) depending on company size.

Chief Financial Officers (CFO)

Any job related to handling money normally offer a satisfying salary. In this case, working as a chief financial officer automatically equates to a higher salary from Php42,700 to Php148,000. The role of a chief financial officer include overseeing anything related to money flow including revenue, expenses and budget. This also directly affect the operation of a company so a CFO's role is very vital in the same way that a CEO is.


Having a good set of teeth is very important to most people not only for the sake of having a good smile but also to enjoy eating. This is why people can spend a lot of money for acquiring the services of an orthodontist.


These specific type of dentists can earn from Php41,200 to Php142,000 from dental procedures performed.

College Professors

Education is one of the basic rights of an individual, not only for learning but also in preparation for a career path in the future. This is what makes a teacher (or a college professor specifically) important in cultivating a student's knowledge. If you have a passion for teaching, then it can be a financially rewarding decision for you to be a college professor.

college professor

You can expect a salary ranging from Php36,000 to Php127,000 as a professor. It is even a prestigious profession since you are honing the next generation of society towards their own career choice.


If you are looking for an exciting career with a higher salary, then why not pursue being a pilot? However, not everyone has the courage to fly an airplane because it is not as easy as driving a car. Pilots go through rigorous training and they carry the unwritten burden of being responsible for the safety of plane passengers.


Working as a pilot can give a salary ranging from Php30,500 to Php106,000.

Marketing Directors

Every company wants to increase their revenue. However, this is not that easy because you will have to deal with intense competition within your target market, not to mention ensuring that your products or services are worth consumer's money. These are just some of the issues that a reputable marketing director is expected to resolve.

A marketing director can earn from Php27,500 up to Php95,000.

Apart from the top 10 highest paying jobs in the Philippines, other notable careers in terms of financial compensation include dealers/brokers in securities/finance as well as specific jobs in the Information Technology sector --- software engineers, computer programmers, computer engineers, system analysts/designers and more.

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