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PLDT Router Login Not Working due to Admin URL

PLDT is the country's number one Internet Service Provider with more than 2 million subscribers as of the end of 2019*. With their continued efforts to improve their users' Internet users' experience, there had been several security updates including how the admin site is accessed. So if you're a PLDT subscriber wondering why the usual router IP address doesn't work anymore or you cannot login using previously working login credentials, this post is for you. 

pldt router login not working due to admin url

PLDT Router Login Not Working

First of all, there could be a number of reasons why the router login is not working. One, either the username or password is incorrect. If this is the case, the page will most likely show the error that the login credentials are incorrect after entering them on the login fields. To resolve this, resetting the router to factory settings may help so you can use the default login provided by PLDT. But note that you may need a device that's connected via ethernet/LAN cable (i.e. desktop PC) in order to reconfigure everything after resetting. So don't reset right away as you may not be able to reconnect to the WiFi connection afterwards. 

Next, the router's IP address may be different if it doesn't even load at all. In this scenario, find out what the default gateway is through the ipconfig command. The process is different depending on your device's operating system (i.e. Windows or Mac) and still varies depending on the OS version (e.g. Windows 10, Windows 8 and so on). You may also try checking the back of the router to find this information. 

PLDT Admin Address 

If these possible reasons have been isolated and it's still not working, try accessing the admin page through a different URL other than the default gateway. I'm not endorsing specific websites but I've found several posts online with lists of new PLDT Admin or Super Admin addresses which are different from what we normally enter, like Just make a quick search engine (Google etc.) query for "Updated PLDT Admin" or something like it. Read the latest posted article or check all recent ones to compare the lists they've provided. I've noticed that there are almost always new lists posted every quarter or a few months. I'm not sure how the sites obtain the information but I'm quite certain that PLDT conducts regular system updates for security purposes. 

Video: PLDT Router Login Not Working due to Admin URL

Here's a related video you can watch if you'd like to see the process above in action. 

Thank you for reading and feel free to ask any questions through the comment section below.


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