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How to Change Converge WiFi Username and Password

 Converge ICT Solutions or simply Converge is one of the fast rising Fiber Internet Service Providers in the Philippines. They have recently reached one million subscribers just this month (December 16, 2020) and have even launched their Initial Public Offering (IPO) for the Philippine Stock Exchange last October. 

If you're one of their users who'd like to make your home network more secure by changing the WiFi username and password, here's how.

How to Change Converge WiFi Username and Password


Default Wifi Name and Password

First, know that the default Wifi name and password are found at the back of the router, just carefully flip it over to see. The WLAN SSID Name is the WiFi name and the WLAN Security below it is the corresponding WiFI password. 

You'll normally find the Router Model and other important information on the back as well. The installer technician may have already helped you setup everything on day 1 but if none of the information have been changed yet, all things related to the router will be there.

There will be two Default WLAN SSID Name. One of them is for all devices while the other is for 5G capable ones. The latter can process faster connection. 

At the back of the router, you will also find the Default Terminal Web IP with the user name and password. These are what you will need to access the router's interface in order to change your network's WiFi name and password. 

So with that, we can now get started.

Step 1

Enter the default gateway or router address. In this case, it's


Step 2

Enter the router's username and password. This model uses the usual default login which is user and user1234 for the username and password, respectively. 


Step 3

Once your inside the interface, go to Network on the menu header section and then click on Advanced on the left panel. 

I've highlighted them in red on the image below including where you can change the WiFI name and the password. Follow the same process for changing the 5G band's WiFi name and password. 

Warning: Make sure to remember of the password you've entered! You can write it down or take a screenshot. 


Click Apply and wait for the router to restart. Your device will be disconnected from it. Once the router is back online, you can then test to see if you're able to reconnect to the router after selecting the renamed WiFi name and then logging in using the new password.

How to Change Converge WiFi Username and Password Video

You may also watch this video version to see the process in action. 

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you have any questions at the comment section below. 

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