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6 Things to Look for while Buying a Refurbished MacBook

Buying refurbished Macbook has been popular than ever these days. It is because of the number of advantages that one get while buying it. But if you want to make the best deal then it is recommended to do some research in advance, research regarding the model of the MacBook, its price, warranties and about the reputable dealers to make the best deal. Researching allows you to get something of great value. 

Buying a Refurbished MacBook

Have a look at the things that you should consider while making a deal!!! 

Compare the cost at various stores 

Of course, when you choose to buy refurbished Macbook 13 inch online, then the low cost is the priority of the one. Right? Compare the pricing, check whether the dealer is offering you the competitive price. Check what is available on the Apple store and in the market. Don’t keep higher expectations, expect to get 15 to 20 percent off with your refurbished model. Other than this, check the accessories that you will get with the Macbook and don’t forget to review the Macbook configuration, warranty length and the process used to sell it as refurbished. Checking all these things enables you to make the deal with great value. 

Factory certified 

Factory certified is one of the most important factors that you have to look. Some high-quality retailers can make the MacBook to factory settings making it really very difficult to detect whether a product had been undergone through a rigorous refurbished process of Apple or not. So, it is important to check whether the model is factory certified or not. Apple certifies all its product for refurbished after passing it through rigorous testing. 

Reputable seller 

Do some online research, check the online Google reviews given by the people. It will give you a verification of the seller. A reliable seller has satisfied reviews, therefore, higher are the chances that you can make a great deal. 

Look for the warranties 

Yes, it is really very important to check for the warranties. Most of the 3rd party sellers offer 3 months of warranty with their refurbished product. However, there are also companies that also offer a warranty of 1 year with their product. 

Check for the return policy associated with the product 

Usually, Apple products come with 14 days of the return policy. It is always great to check the return policy to safeguard yourself. In most of the cases, even the shipping price is returned to the customer as well as no restocking charges have been charged to the customer. However, the deal is not associated with all the products and dealers so it recommended you to check the read the return policy associated with the refurbished model that you are considering to buy. 

Review the accessories that have been included 

Yes, there are some refurbished products with some accessories packed. So, it is important to verify the accessories that you can get with the specific product. If the adequate charger, cables, and memory are not included in the accessory list then it is a case that you are putting your money at risk. Read out the product description given there and check whether all the essentials are included in the list. Also check if you are able to get additional accessories with the product such as Bluetooth, headphones or others. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

Whenever you have decided to buy a refurbished product, make sure that you buy it from an authorized reputed seller. Buying a refurbished product also require research just like buying a brand new product or even more to make the best deal. Don’t forget to consider things such as condition, cost, launch date of the model while buying it. 

Addendum: This is guest post published by request. 

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