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Aquaria Water Park, Calatagan, Batangas

Summer is here. Time to beat the heat and hit the beach or resort pools. If you're looking for a bit of both, Aquaria Water Park is one of the options available in Calatagan, Batangas. 

Aquaria Water Park, Calatagan, Batangas

This place boasts of a 525-meter beach line and a modern water park resort located within the Playa Calatagan Residences. Facilities include kiddie pools with sunbathing beds, the main resort pools with impressive cove design which connects with other smaller pools, cabanas, bath houses with a first class feel and a 3-storey giant slide as the highlight pool. 


Here are photos of some of their pools. 

The first one to welcome you right after the admission desk is for kids. 

Next is the 3-storey giant slide from afar. 

In one of the snaps, you'll see a group interested to give the slide a try. Worry not, as the structure is safe. There are lifeguards who will assist as well. A lifebuoy will also be provided so you won't be sliding with no protection for your behind. 

You'll find a station for first aid treatment and medical emergency concerns too. 

3-Storey Giant Slide

The three story slide from up close. 

It's also connected to adjacent, smaller pools in a seemingly free flowing cove design. 

Rent Cabanas

There are cabanas, cottages, tables for your belongings. 

Some of the sheds even have a cabinet underneath where you can securely keep your things. Others have comfortable foams over the bench seats. 

These sheds above and below are located just outside the resort gates; by the beach front. 

These ones at the back (close to the beach) are for large groups. 

Most busy days like holidays and weekends, the sheds are often all reserved (or so we heard from the information desk). But there will still be plenty of tables and chairs located close to the beach cabanas available for you. 

Beach Activities

Apart from facilities, you can also enjoy other activities at the beach including playing beach volleyball or soccer, kayaking, and riding banana boats, pedal boats or jet ski.

You may also enjoy a massage in one of the beach cabanas or those inside the resort. 

More beach cabanas (below) 

I personally just enjoyed dipping in salty waters and walking around the beach. 

And on the shallow waters, like these people below. 

Hence, I have more photos of the beach and the sky above it than anything else. 

Poetically, you can't tell whether it's the beach aiming for the sky above it or it's the latter trying to humbly reach down the waters below it. 

Either way, it's very relaxing just looking at both while basking under the sun and breathing in clean sea breeze air . 


Be careful when walking around though as you might step upon precious creatures --- star fish. I chanced upon two or three along the beach and on the waters. 

There are signs everywhere to not bring home one. It's better to take them further away from people swimming, even if they seem to purposely go back to shore, as if curious about humans. 😅

Sandbar and Nearby Resorts

There's a sandbar nearby too. I'm not sure exactly where it is but I'm guessing it's what those boats on the left are for

On the right, nearby resorts can be viewed from afar. 

I'm guessing that the boats (on the right) are from the adjacent resorts. 

Speaking of, the visible floating cottages are from the Stilts Catalagan Beach Resort at Burot Beach. 

Overnight Accommodation

Aquaria, doesn't offer overnight accommodation yet. The place is only open from 8AM to 6PM. So some people suggest camping (with your own tent) for a minimal fee if you are staying past the day tour hours. 

If you are camping, be vigilant for your own security. While there is a lifeguard station, I'm not sure if they are watching the area 24/7.

Another possible option is through residential buildings nearby. I made a quick search via Airbnb and found several choices.

Food Trip

Foodies or not, travels aren't complete without a food trip. Fortunately, the place has a diner for short orders. You can pay for your meal and wait for the dishes to be delivered to your shed. 

There's also a buffet. It's not always available and they can only serve a limited number of diners so make sure to reserve as soon you get there if you plan on trying it. 

You may also enjoy cocktails drinks while seated in these cool swings. 


From my personal experience, it was well worth travelling to this side of Luzon for the beaches of Catalagan. It's even more worth it finding Aquaria for a change, specially, if you've seen most of the other popular destinations here. 

The place is awesome starting from the admission area and all throughout the entire resort itself. The facilities are modern, clean and safe. The bath houses look luxurious; too bad I don't have a photo but think five-star hotel and you'll get the idea. 

So while it's pricier compared with public resorts in town, the rates are justifiable in my opinion. 


This is just a sample and you can always come up with your own list and timetable. 

4 AM - leave Metro Manila (if you're coming from this location) 
Breakfast during the trip. There are fast foods along the road. We had breakfast in a karinderya somewhere in Catalagan. 😅
8 AM - day tour admission. 
Tour the area. Photo ops.
I think it's better to try beach activities in the morning when it's not too scorching hot yet. 
12 NN - Lunch
1 PM - Resort swimming when the sea is hotter
Don't forget pics at the luxurious bath houses. 😉
6 PM - head back home
You can leave earlier if you plan to drop by nearby locations for souvenir shopping. 


All prices are subject to change but for reference, these are the fees at the moment: 

Entrance fee varies per season. 

Peak season rates (January to June) are ₱600 for adults and ₱300 for kids below 4 feet. It's ₱800 and ₱400 respectively during weekends, holidays and long weekends. Kids 1 year old and below can come in free. 

Long weekends are when holidays fall on a Friday or a Monday or in case they are declared as a non-working holiday; thereby, extending the weekend beyond just Saturday and Sunday. 

Off peak season (July to December) rates are ₱400 for adults and ₱200 for kids on weekdays. It becomes ₱600 and ₱300 respectively during weekends, holidays and long weekends. 

Buffet lunch costs ₱299. 

Cabanas range from ₱1200, ₱1500 and  ₱2000. These can accommodate 6-8, 8-10, and 12-15 persons, respectively. 


Calatagan, Batangas takes about 3 hours of driving from Metro Manila via the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Exit via Sta. Rosa or Southwoods and follow the Tagaytay Rotunda and Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway. Make a left at the Palico intersection and another left to Balayan-Calatagan. You'll pass by Lago De Oro and the Calatagan Municipal Hall. From here, turn left to M. Apacible.

Sta. Rosa is becoming like Metro Manila in terms of traffic but if driving early in the morning, I don't think it's going to be a problem. In case it does, an alternate route is the Greenfield City/Eton City via Nasugbu. It seems farther and more complicated so it's best to download apps like Waze for directional guide by the minute, if you're driving. 

For commuters, you can either ride a bus bound for Catalagan. There are liners traveling straight to this town coming from EDSA. You may also try vans such as those in Metropoint Mall (Pasay). 

Both options will require a tricycle ride once you hit the Catalagan town proper. Haggle or board one along with 3-4 persons to save money since hiring a trike will cost at least ₱200 per trip. 


Here's a short slideshow video clip of Aquaria. 


For more details, you can visit Aquaria's website or social media pages. 
Twitter/Instagram: @aquariaph, @aquariawaterpark
Phone Number: 553-8888 local 32

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