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5 Travel Tips to Remember If You’re a Plane Passenger with Animal Allergies

Traveling is so much fun if you go with your family, friends and other loved ones. It’d be great to travel with your pets as well, but not if you are extremely allergic to certain animals. Some travelers bring their pets to travel with them and to fly with them. They can’t or they won’t leave them, and you can’t tell them to do so. It’s you who should adjust.

Travel Tips If You’re a Plane Passenger with Animal Allergies
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It is quite difficult to stay in one enclosed place together with furry animals if you’re allergic to them. That’s why the airplane isn’t the safest place for you to meet some of them. This is a big reason why it is important for you to keep in mind some preparation tips before you travel.

Below are some essential travel tips you must take note of if you are traveling and riding the plane with pet allergies.

Pay Attention to Plane Booking

Some airlines are not strict when it comes to allowing pets on board. Meanwhile, some only allow service animals. Some do have limited permissions and strict regulations when it comes to bringing in pets.  

For you to keep it safe for your comfort and health, pay attention to the airlines’ policies even before you book seats for your trip. Read and inquire about their policies when it comes to the furry buddies. If they allow pets, you can ask also if they have any alternatives, medical aid or exclusive areas for people with pet allergies.  

The safest way for you is to choose an airline that restricts bringing animals, so you’ll be able to easily avoid getting your allergies triggered.   

Let the Airline Know

If ever you weren’t able to select an airline that does not have strict policies on taking pets on board, it will be best for you to let the airline staff know beforehand that they’ll be having a pet allergic passenger -- that’s you!

In that way, they will be prepared in case there’s any medical assistance needed by you. At the same time, they can also alert other passengers regarding other health issues that they might acquire in case there’ll be animals boarding with you.

Also, the airlines will be able to give you pieces of advice regarding the proper measures and travel tips before you enter the plane. They won’t be surprised if ever you’ll be in need of any health-related aid.

They can accommodate you better. They might also let you know that there already are pets booked on the same plane you’re booking to prevent you from booking the same. If they do have good hearts, they might disallow any pets to be booked on the plane after you book.    

Bring Your Medicines

With or without pets in the same place, still, you should never forget to bring specific medicines you’ll be needing in case of any unforeseen causes of allergic reactions. If you also have to take some of them before riding the flight just in case, do so. Consume them on time if necessary.

You never know, you might encounter some pets not only in the airplane but also in places you will travel to and/or in the hotel in which you’ll be staying. Being ready is the best thing for you to stay healthy and enjoy your travel.  

Wear Protective Covering

Allergic reactions due to pets vary. Some get their skin itchy, red and rashy. Some get their nose running. Some get their eyes uneasy due to itch as well.

Because of that, it would be best if you will wear clothes that shield you from any effects of contact to animals or even just to their presence. Use a face mask to cover your mouth and nose. Wear long-sleeved clothes, sweaters, jackets and such to prevent contact with animals and/or their furs flying around. If there’s a need for you protect your eyes, wearing glasses is a fashionable way to do so. For sleeping, an eye mask would help.  

Don’t Be Shy to Ask

Before you board, don’t hesitate to ask any staff whether there are any pets booked in the same plane as you. This is necessary if you weren’t able to do tips number one and two mentioned above. It’s a last minute preparation, but it might help you to get yourself ready at least.

You might be able to quickly buy anything you might be needing. In a more convenient way for you, the staff might check if they can move you to a seat with safer distance from the furry babies. If very much needed, they might consider checking another flight also where they can transfer you for this very crucial health issue of yours.


Fly Healthy with No Allergy Worries

If you have any health condition, make sure that you inform the airline you book in so they can prepare well and give you the assistance you will be needing. They won’t be very much startled if ever there’ll be any passenger having difficulties during the flight.

Make sure that you keep in mind the above-mentioned tips because this is for you, for your co-plane passengers and for the airlines’ staff as well. You will be able to enjoy traveling without getting sick, without causing inconvenience to other people and without causing any difficulties to the ones operating the flight too.

There’s always a way to stay healthy as you travel happily. If you’re pet allergic, don’t underestimate the power of speaking out what you need before you finally book and the importance of preparing everything you need many days before the actual flight.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. Through quality and well-researched writing, she informs and even entertains readers about things that matter. She is also interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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