Metro Manila Levels Up The Dining Scene with Zomato Gold Experiences -

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Metro Manila Levels Up The Dining Scene with Zomato Gold Experiences

March 2019, Manila Philippines (Press Release) --- It was just November last year when the world’s fastest-growing dine-out program, Zomato Gold, launched in Metro Manila. Zomato Gold’s ambition is to elevate the city’s dining experience, hence only partnering with top-rated restaurants. The dine-out program has seen immense success in Metro Manila -  with more than 60,000 subscribers and over 600 restaurant partners in less than four months of launch.

As a way to enhance and elevate dining in the city, members are invited to exclusive events called Zomato Gold Experiences. These invite-only events treat Gold members nothing short of VIPs and experience only the best of the top-rated restaurants.

Italian Masterclass: A Premier to the Zomato Gold Experiences in Metro Manila

The first Zomato Gold Experience in Metro Manila transported the invited Gold members straight to Italy with a masterclass in Italian cooking! The members in attendance not only created their own pasta by hand, but they also got to attend a pasta tasting session with Chef Ruther Sandico. This event happened in one of Makati’s most happening restaurants, Bar Centrale, famous for their daily-made fresh and authentic pasta.
Zomato Gold Philippines
The Zomato Gold members pulled up their sleeves, secured their aprons, and got their hands deliciously dirty making fresh pasta. The room was filled with laughter and excitement as they experienced kneading dough.

After the class, the members had a well-deserved Tasting Session where they were served Bar Centrale’s top-rated pasta. The story behind each dish was carefully explained by Chef Ruther Sandico, while the members enjoyed their delicious servings.

The Golden Masquerade: The Grandest Zomato Gold Experience At Okada Manila

Imagine extravagant dresses and tuxedos, glamorous masks, endless drinking, dancing, and overflowing five-star hors d'oeuvres... all happening at the best-integrated resort in the country. Now that’s a fantasy come true!

Just last month, the biggest Zomato Gold experience in Metro Manila called “The Golden Masquerade” was held in Okada Manila’s Grand Ballroom. This event was exclusively for members to celebrate Gold’s success in Metro Manila, and of course, as a part of the monthly Zomato Gold Experiences.
Zomato Gold
Zomato Gold Members were all decked out in their grandiose costumes to experience a world-class event at Okada Manila! Even celebrities and ambassadors such as Heart Evangelista Escudero, Xandra Rocha, Aryanna Epperson, and Vince Uy attended and enjoyed the event.
What’s more? The top two best-dressed pair were awarded with Vivo phones! The “best-dressed couple” won a Vivo X21 each, and the runners-up won a Vivo Y71 smartphone. A cocktail mixology show was also performed by members of the Philippine Flair Underground. Everyone was mesmerized as they watched and took videos of the entertaining performance. As a special treat, they created a special cocktail aptly called “The Golden Drink” that everyone enjoyed through the night.

Do you want to get invited to Zomato Gold Experiences too? Become a member! Not only do you get to be a part of these interesting culinary experiences, but you also get to enjoy 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks at over 600 restaurant partners in Metro Manila anytime, any day. Welcome to the future of dining out. Check out Zomato Philippines’ Instagram Page at @zomatoph to find out more about Zomato Gold in Metro Manila.

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