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Top 5 Best Social Media Spying Apps

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At the moment, the dangers of social media and dating sites are a serious challenge for the parents. More teens are using social media as compared to the past. With this, they have become an addict to the phones as well as internet. But for parents, this is troublesome and they want to ensure the safety of their children.  

Considering this factor and the risks of social media, parents should use social media spying and monitoring apps. But the problem is users can’t find the best and reliable options when it comes to a social media monitoring app. For this reason, we have created this guide that includes the best social media spying apps. We hope parents, as well as employers looking forward to keeping eyes on their employees, will get the best app.

BlurSPY App

Whenever it comes to the best spy and social media tracking apps, BlurSPY cell phone spy is one of them and even on top. This spy app outperforms all other apps because of its great features, secrecy, remote control options, working in the background and great customer support. In our review of all aspects, we found BlurSPY the best social media tracking app.

  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Offers the best spying and tracking features
  • A perfect option as a parental spy
  • Monitors and tracks all social media sites and apps
  • Works in the background to ensure privacy and secrecy
  • More affordable as compared to other spy apps

Mobile Spy App
We feel happy to add this spy app in our list because it is one of the oldest and most optimized apps. It has been years since it was released. It comes with a lot of great and useful features that make social media monitoring a fun and easy job for the users.

  • One of the best and oldest spy apps in the market
  • Compatible with Android as well as iPhone
  • Allows users to track social media and dating sites
  • Offers many other features like the message and call tracking
  • Makes digital parenting easy for parents
  • Employers can also use it to keep eyes on the employees

CoCoSpy App

Here comes another great and really useful spy app for Android devices as well as iPhones. It competes all the best spy apps in the market because of its useful features, variety and seamless experience when it comes to using. CoCoSpy is truly a wonderful social media tracking app that offers a lot of other features as well.

  • Best for android phones as well as iPhone
  • Offers many other tracking features to the users
  • Best for social media tracking and monitoring on any device
  • Can be used as location tracker by parents
  • It is a bit expensive and the packages are less affordable

MobiStealth App

MobiStealth made to our list because of its useful spying features and simple interface. This app is also considered one of the best social media tracking apps in the market out there. It has a number of other features that include call and message tracking, location tracker option as well as checking internet history. It can be a great option for the parents as well as employers who want to track their staff in the workplace.

  • Offers the best spying features for any device
  • Compatible with all operating systems and latest versions
  • It can track and monitor all social sites and apps
  • Offers other features that can monitor any phone or device
  • Best for parents and partners

PhoneSherrif App

Image result for PhoneSheriff App

The list will be just incomplete if we miss out this spy and monitoring app. The users will find this app really user-friendly and simple to use. It has a good number of features that make tracking and monitoring any phone easy and simple. Users can use it for tracking social media as well as dating apps. It also works when it comes to checking internet history, calls and messages.

  • One of the best spy apps for social media spying
  • Compatible with all operating systems and devices
  • Offers many other features like the message and call tracking
  • It works in the background to net let the users know about it
  • Is affordable and offers cheaper plans
  • Equally good for the parents and employers
  • Can be the best option for newbies who want to track any device

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