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How to Apply for a Globe Sim Only Postpaid Plan

Did you know you can actually avail of an affordable Globe SIM only postpaid plan without the usual hassle associated with postpaid plan applications? I went through the process successfully. My first account is now 3+ years.

Sim Only versus with Phone Line

But before anything else, do note that this is for a Globe line-only application. So the process may or may not be the same as when applying for a postpaid account with a phone included. In fact, the latter is more meticulous due to the requirements needed.

Why Apply for a Postpaid Line

It's not my place to offer financial advice but if money is not at your disposal, it's wiser to consider why you need a postpaid phone account in the first place. I've used a prepaid SIM since mobile Telco started in the Philippines or at least when I first had one back in the early 2000's. I once tried using a postpaid number sometime later after that and ended up in debts; 😂 although, this was due to a generally poor spending habit and the phone plan is just one of the effects. But that's another story.

Aside from budget, in today's technology where web based messaging and even calls are handy, the usual SMS and voice calls can be considered outdated unless you're one who still prefer this medium and is still not embracing the new social media revolution these days; I'm sure the older generations are. But if your communications with family, friends, work or business are mostly web based, a Postpaid line with an on-the-go data is ideal for you so you can stay in contact with anyone anywhere where mobile service is available.

On the other hand, prepaid data promos are also good; if you know how to monitor your usage to avoid using regular load once the allocated data has run out. With Globe, you can also stack up or combine various prepaid data promo codes to make the most of your money. I've read about several suggestions, specially from MOBA gamers.

One major advantage to having a phone line of course, is the fact that you won't run out of service due to insufficient funds. Although loading stations abound, not all are available 24/7. So this becomes handy during emergency situations when you need to call or message someone immediately.

Sim Only versus with Phone Line

If you already have a phone but still want to use a postpaid line to go with it, then it makes sense to get a SIM only plan. You keep your phone and can move the SIM to different phones. A contract phone plan is often bound to a single sim card so you can't use the phone with another sim.

There is also no lock-in period for SIM card based plans. You can cancel anytime. During the application, the cash out amount isn't much too (compared with phone plans). It's often just a month one advance payment.

How to Apply for a Globe Plan Sim Only

There are several options available when applying for a Globe plan. It can be processed over the phone through their hotline, (02) 730 1000, online through the Globe website and a physical store location. What I was able to try was through through a Globe store online and in a mall branch.

Apply through a Globe Store

Applying through a Globe physical store is possibly the easiest in my experience. I just filled out an application form and submitted requirements which were luckily readily available at that time (i.e. ID's, proof of billing and residence downloaded via email sent statements).

Apply Online

You can also send an application through their website. I was also able to try this option and got a SIM with ease. It may have helped that I already have another number in good standing at that point but the entire process itself is still easy.

After submitting an application, a sales agent will call your contact number to verify details. Feedback as to whether or not your application is approved will be sent via email and text. Once approved, expect the SIM's delivery within a few business days. 

All in all, everything is accomplished from application to activation of the SIM card in about two weeks or less (if there are no issues in between).

How to Apply for a Globe Sim Only Postpaid Plan

Apply through the hotline

This is something I didn't get to try. Calling the hotline (02) 730 1000 makes it difficult to speak with an agent. In fact, I noticed that there seems to be no option to do so now, unless I just missed it due to the maze of options to choose from. There is a dedicated sales line to call instead; (02) 730 1010. 


Both the SIM only plans I availed of were under the myLifestyle plan program. While I hardly get to use the service anyway (I'm a bat in a cave 😆), I consider it a steal due to the unlimited calls and SMS (within the same network) and the 3GB data plan so I can still stay online when not home. 

This option is no longer available though since the March 31, 2017. There are newer plan types with more data allocations. Globe does acknowledge the rise in mobile data usage.

Globe Sim Only Postpaid Plan

You'll find more information about the plans (both SIM only or with a phone) including specific requirements through You can even request a callback by filling out a form via .

Contact Globe

Other support options include:

Phone: (02) 730 1000 (Customer Service)
            (02) 730 1010 (Sales)
            Dial *143# on your mobile phone
Messenger: GieOfGlobe
Twitter: @talk2Globe

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