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Yakimix Philippines Review

While I've been to Yakimix a few times, the experience seems like the first time each time. This year, while nothing significant had changed, I still enjoyed the buffet as it was years ago. 


I can't recall if it looked the same inside 😂. It's always a different spot I find a seating for every time. But it sure is spacious, even with the yakiniku grills in the middle of each table. 

Like any other buffet restaurant though, there's a waiting time if you did not arrange prior reservation. Expect worse during dinner, weekends and holidays as well due to larger crowds. 


Contrary to some reviews, the attendants are quite helpful and will even pour a glass of water. But don't expect to be attended fast when the place is full of diners. 


Things to keep in mind in terms of pricing:

  • Rates will vary depending on the branch. 
  • Provincial locations are always cheaper compared with those in Metro Manila. 
  • Prime branded venues charge more. 
  • Lunch is also more affordable than dinner.
  • Weekends as well as holiday rates are more expensive than weekdays.
  • There is a service charge and leftover fee.
You may want to try discounted offers such as those from Metrodeal. There is a birthday promo as well as regular discounts during special events too. 


There are various menu options arranged by cuisine or food type. 

Here's a plate full of ingredients to grill. You can grill meat, seafood and vegggies. 

Yakimix Philippines Review

All are sliced thinly so don't over cook them. If you don't know how to operate the griller, ask for assistance. 

Yakimix Review

The image below looks blurry but that's how they came out. We didn't eat anything yet while grilling and waited for all items to be cooked for a snap before consuming the barbecued dishes. 

Yakimix Philippines

Next one's a combination of different Asian dishes --- Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. There's Filipino on the menu too. 

Yakimix Menu

During this visit, there were three of us. This plate below is mine. The coffee cup gives me away. 😆

An all-meat ensemble with rice on the sides; not mine. I don't ever eat rice for buffet meals. 

A healthy plate of salad. I do eat salads but this is not mine either. 😅

Desserts before heading out. These are not all mine; we all shared them. 😄

That's the only ice cream flavor left at that time. They were about to close and had already served the last batch of items back then. The panna cottas are my favorite all the time. 

The panna cottas are my favorite, as always. 

Video: Grilling at Yakimix

Here's a short clip from a separate visit at Yakimix. Most pics above are with friends. This video is with my family. 

Here's a shorter vid clip from Instagram: 

For more information about actual rates, schedule, branch locations, promos, reservation and more, visit their official Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/yakimix/

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