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Tong Yang Plus Food Review

There's a new buffet restaurant which have opened several branches recently, particularly in SM malls; it's called Tong Yang Plus. It's part of the same group which manages several other chains including Vikings, Four Seasons, Tong Yang Hot Pot & Shabu-Shabu and more. The latter isn't exactly the same as this one since there are additional menu options which were not previously available; hence, there's a "Plus" to the logo. The entire chain started in 1995. 

Tong Yang Plus Rates

Rates and Prices

While this is usually listed at the end, I thought of starting with it since the prices were surprisingly cheaper than the usual for similar establishments. But pricing, of course, is subject to change. In fact, the website has already listed different rates from the image above. 

Lunch - ₱638 
Dinner - ₱738
Weekends (Saturday, Sunday) and Holidays 
Lunch/Dinner - ₱738

Below 3ft - FREE
3ft to 4ft - ₱218
4ft to 4’6 ft - ₱418

Senior Citizen Discount:
60-74 y/o - 20% 
75 y/o and above - 50% 

Cost per head is also different in provincial branches versus those located in Metro Manila.

Birthday Promo and More Discounts

The usual free birthday meal (both lunch and dinner) is applicable, provided that it's on the celebrant's actual birth day (do bring proof), and he/she is accompanied by one full paying adult (no discount). This regular promo extends towards the entire birthday month with four paying adults. 

There are other seasonal promos throughout the year too which are posted on their website and social media pages. A Vikings Reward program is now offered too. Each paid visit earns you points which can be redeemed for rewards. 

Tong Yang Plus Food Review

Now on to the review..


While I can't comment on all branches per se, the one we've seen so far seems spacious inside, although seating looks limited when you're waiting by the door. Tables and chairs are also not cramped, allowing enough moving space. 

Tong Yang Plus

Even the dining space area at the tables are roomy, but not for your bag. 🤪

The induction cookers are for hot pots and shabu shabu dishes (like the image above). It reminds me of watches with gears. 😁

And of course, the grilling stove for meat, seafood, vegetables and more. 

Service and Menu Served

There's nothing to complain about, service-wise. They could use a comfort room area with more cubicles though, specially if the mall wash room is quite far. 

As for waiting time, expect the common long list of names for walk-in customers during weekends, holidays and when there's an event (including sale) at the mall. So most often, we end up dining elsewhere. We were lucky enough one weekday night when there were still few people; early lunch, before 6PM.  

They accept reservations too if you'd like to be assured of seating. 

Buffet Selection 

The buffet market-style selection includes various meat, seafood, salads, veggies, appetizers, desserts and more. The selection will vary.  

Tong Yang Plus Menu

Seafood options for the griller present a common sight --- tuna, salmon, blue marlin, creme dory, squid, crabs, shrimps/prawns, clams, and other seashells. But there are possibly seasonal ones too like octupus and even a local fish, talakitok (part of the trevally or jack family). 

For meat, there's pork, chicken and beef, including specialty cuts and preparations like sausages, liver, dinuguan (blood), ox tripe, chicken gizzard, beef tendon and so on. 

Not on the display, but you can also request for more shrimps as well as bulgogi (Korean thin-sliced meat). 

Tong Yang Plus Food

Some meat items are even marinated with pepper, garlic etc.; ready to grill. I even saw Filipino-style sweet cured (tocino) meat. 

Different types of dumplings, wanton, tofu, vegetables, rolls, balls (i.e. fish, chicken), orlian, kikiam and more are available for your shabu-shabu pot or even as noodles toppings. 

Different kinds of noodles (like glass, rice, egg etc.) are displayed along with Chinese food dishes. There's yang chow rice but I did not try any. 

Appetizers ⬆️. I don't really remember much from it since I didn't try any. 

Neither did I try much from the Salad Bar. You can combine your own ingredients and choose a dressing to your liking. 

The vegetable selection makes me think of sinigang for some reason. 

What I did pick a lot from is the dessert and confectionary section --- pana cotta and ice cream, mostly. 

And coffee because kape is layp (coffee is life). ☕️ The coffee machine can dispense various types of coffee. 

Unlimited Drinks 

More drinks. You can refill your glasses since it's unlimited, unlike, other buffet brands which charge additional for drinks. 


I'm honestly already happy just staring at the food and taking photos; but you gotta taste 'em you know. So here's what I think, at least, for the ones I was able to try. 

Not all plates are mine. There were three of us then. 

First, assembling all items for the grilling later on. While I'm tempted to pick a lot from the same tray of the ones I enjoy, I chose those which aren't usually available or are often expensive on a single dish elsewhere. 

The griller looks messy when all meat, sausages, seafood, veggies and more are tossed altogether. 😆They cook fast. 

The tuna or salmon are better off served raw (sashimi). You can use the same dipping sauce as it go well with the grilled shrimps and marinated meats.  

All sorts of cuisine --- Chinese, Japanese, Korea, etc. sampled on the plate; and more items for grilling by the side. I don't recall anything which stands out from this probably because there's about just one spoonful a piece. 😅

Next, Chinese dishes with one of my favorites hacao (shrimp dumpling) on the left. 

The desserts; chocolate ice cream for the kid. 

Avocado ice cream and different types of panna cotta for me. 😋

Panna cottas --- strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, and ube. 

Tong Yang Plus Food Review

I don't remember any rule about leftover food posted anywhere inside the establishment but even if it's a buffet, don't be takaw-mata, so we say in Filipino. Take only what you can eat. 

Some warriors even prepare for a battle like this, not eating beforehand or even a day or longer before. That's not actually ideal since you'd possibly end up becoming sick after. 

Tong Yang Plus 

You'll find more information about Tong Yang Plus through their website, and Facebook pages. All branches have their FB page. 

Hours of Operation

Weekdays (Monday to Friday) 
Lunch: 11:00 am to 2:30 pm
Dinner: 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm 

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) 
11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Phone number for reservations and other information: (02) 845-4647

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