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So Posh! S Maison Mall Conrad Manila

If you feel like the Mall of Asia is a little bit crowded at times (even with the new extended sections), you might want to drop by S Maison Mall at Conrad Manila. It's a posh mall that looks luxurious and spacious. 

S Maison Mall

S Maison Mall is located at the first two floors of Conrad Manila hotel. It's still within the Mall of Asia complex and is part of SM Prime Holdings. This is why there is a connecting bridge right from MoA going to S Maison, apart from the street below. 

Inside, you'll notice upscale brands and services --- those you won't find in most SM malls. Some of such include Belo Medical Group, GAOC, Jo Malone, Pandora, and more. 

S Maison Mall Conrad Manila

Even the benches look like they're lounge areas from some first class hotel. 

Director's Club

The same can be said about their Director's Club cinema. While other SM malls provide the same relaxing cinematic experience with their own Director's Club movie houses, this place's waiting area makes you feel pampered already. 

S Maison Mall

The cashier/ticket area is similarly as inviting as that of a highly rated hotel information desk. 

S Maison Mall cinema

Inside is still similar to any other Director's Club cinema --- limited seating capacity with La-Z-Boy chairs that are not cramped beside each other. 

S Maison Mall directors club

And there's the usual complimentary food and drinks too. 

Some were actually purchased but the free items are still a lot better when compared with other similar movie theaters. In fact, I can name one which only offers free popcorn. Like, h*ll y**h, you'd suffocate if you don't buy a drink. 😂

Terrace Overlooking the Seaside Area

At the far end of the mall, there's a terrace/veranda section overlooking the seaside area. I'm not sure if it's always open but we were allowed to go there at that time.

That's the Seaside boulevard (above), which obviously got it's name because it's close to the seaside, on this side of Manila Bay. Restaurants, as well as bars (which are often open till 4AM) are found on this stretch. 

On the far right is the Mall of Asia. The upcoming football stadium is quite visible from the mall's rooftop. 

S Maison Mall overlooking seaside

Far left on the other hand are hotels and possibly nearby casinos in the adjacent city of Parañaque. You can also spot one of the rides (Pirate) at the SM by the Bay's amusement park, Pirates. 

Shops and Arts

While the entire mall is already stunning in terms of architecture (I mean a cruise ship looking exterior? 😳) and interior design, there had been artworks displayed in free exhibit stalls at some point. I was able to save and post a few of them sometime ago via Instagram. 


S Maison Mall is located along Seaside Boulevard, Coral Way (can also be reached via Marina Way), Pasay City. 

More details about the mall, including a complete list of stalls, hours, activities/events and more can be found through their Facebook page,

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