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Glenn's 50s Diner Baguio City

I thought that popular retro themed restaurant, 50's Diner (or Glenn's 50s Diner) has permanently closed (or were they renovating?) when we drove by their old location General Luna (corner Brent Road) and didn't see it there. I was relieved to find out that they actually have two locations now; one in Session Road (inside Porta Vaga mall) and the other at Military Cut-off Road. I guess I was the only one who didn't know. 😂

While I've read people nostalgically write about the very first 50's Diner in Abanao, my version of nostalgia is that from General Luna. You'll pass by it on the way to Mine's View Park as well as Mountain Maid/Good Shepherd's. That's the brand famous for ube jam and other pasalubong products that are incomparable with anything else up there. 

While stories about the original Abanao location seem fascinating (i.e. roller skating waitresses in sailor uniform), the vintage vibe from the Gen. Luna branch is something I always go back to whenever in Baguio City. So I'm glad that they have continued the same legacy even at the newer locations. 

Military Cut-Off Branch

I haven't seen the Session Road (Porta Vaga mall) branch but we were able to dine at the Military Cut-Off place. The latter's more difficult to find but it was closer when driving from the lowlands. You can possibly get help from Waze or Google Maps but there are dead spots where there's no Internet going towards the area, so you are better off memorizing the route instead. 

Aside from being challenging to find, the place has limited seating so it's often crowded, especially during weekends and even weekday lunch or dinner time hours. There's not enough parking as well, so you'd be forced to park on the side of the road. 


The large serving at affordable prices at least makes up for that. 

The same bestsellers, like these chicken meals are still on the menu too. It's mostly what we order all the time anyway. 😂 

I'm also not a fan of the steak meals here; just the chicken-based ones. 

Mama's Kid 50's Diner

Below and above are the same type of meal; both with 2 big chunks of chicken (Grandma's Fried Chicken). 

The Mama's Kid, an old item on their menu (but I didn't see it on the new list), has spaghetti. 

Next is Mixed Seafoods (breaded/battered fish and grilled squid) with veggies and rice. 

I wanted to link the menu but I sadly didn't have any photos and didn't want to use possibly copyrighted images online. 😁


To find the place, here's a map of the Military Cut-off Road branch (#166 on the street):

Glenn's 50s Diner Military Cut off road Baguio City

As the image shows, it's indeed closer when you're coming from downhill via Kennon Road. The Portal Vaga mall is definitely easier to find though because everyone knows Session Road. 😆 The latter is also adjacent to other known destinations such as Baguio Cathedral and SM Baguio or even Burnharm Park, after a few minutes of walking. 


There's no official website nor social media page for this famous restaurant uphill though but that makes it more special since it's getting attention just by word of mouth or word over the web too. 

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