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The Difference Between Same-Day and Next Day Delivery

The rapid evolution of the e-commerce industry has radically changed the way people shop. What used to be deliberately planned shopping trips have morphed into instant buying through a few clicks of a button.

Even the courier industry has created delivery solutions that would please the customer better, to keep up with general demand. Delivery times have gotten shorter, and the consumer is now taught to expect faster deliveries.

In fact, it has a significant impact on your business. A recent survey showed that 47% of customers are willing to pay more for shops that offer same- or next-day delivery services. What’s more, 74% of customers would buy again from a shop that offers same-day delivery.

Both of these quick delivery solutions are great options to satisfy your customers, but which one is the right choice for your business? Is one better than the other? Read the infographic below to learn more.

The Difference Between Same-Day and Next Day Delivery

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