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Rakista Clothing

Filipino rock music fans can identify with being labelled as a "rakista." It's the slang term for local Pinoy rockers. It's also synonymous to a radio channel, Rakista Radio, and their much-awaited yearly music festival featuring local artists (Rakrakan). But did you know there's a Rakista Shop as well? That's where you can find more designs of the free t-shirt given away during the festival. 

Rakista Clothing

Rakista Shop

Aside from variations of the Rakista radio shirt logo, you'll also find parody shirts, Draven shoes, and accessories (lanyard, necktie and more) inside the shop. 

rakista shoes

Check out various rakista inspired shoes and shirts in the photos above and below. 

rakista shirts

On the far right are accessories and more rakista tshirt designs and sizes. 

Speaking of sizes, it's Asian so most skinny folks (even adults) can fit the Small size. I didn't see anything small enough for kids. 

All purchases (shirts) also come with free guitar picks and stickers. I got the same ones given away during the Rakrakan Festival. 

Rakista Graffiti and Signature Wall 

Right outside the shop, you can leave a written message through the Signature Wall. It's almost filled at that time so I'm not sure if it's still there or if the messages have been replaced. 

Rakista Graffiti and Signature Wall

This one is a glass window where you can also leave messages. Excuse those cuss words which can be spotted right away. I did not cover them. 😅

This graffiti wall outside the shop is also a good spot for an Instagram-worthy shot. 

Rakista Clothing Store

Rakista Radio

The glass wall filled with colored written messages above is where the session room is found. I assume this is where bands perform during a live session broadcasted over the Rakista Radio station. 

Rakista Radio

There's no frequency for this radio station but you can stream directly from their website or through several third party streaming hosts. A quick Google search led me to numerous options available. 

Rakista Clothing

Rakista Shop is located in 4C Commonwealth VIllage, Matandang Balara, Quezon City. It's the same address as the Rakista Radio broadcast station. 

There's a different address showing on Google Maps for the clothing (30 Don Mariano Marcos Ave (Commonwealth), Matandang Balara, Quezon City). While it's also within the same vicinity, it's actually pointing to a completely different building. We were lucky enough to find a bystander in the area who knows what we were looking for. I sent out an address correction on Google. Hope it works. 

Aside from visiting the store, you can also order online through their Facebook page. 


Not sure if the contact number is the same for the shop. 

Phone Number: 
(02) 282 5019

Hours Open: 
The radio station is open till 10PM but the shop is only supposedly up from 10AM to 5PM during weekdays and are closed on weekends. Twice I went there during weekends though and they still entertained us. 😉 

Rakista Shop

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