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Rakrakan Festival 2018: Pinoy Muna (Some Photos and Videos)

Before my memory fails me, let me share these photos and videos (including any side comment or background story) from the Rakrakan Festival 2018: Pinoy Muna on February 24, 2018 at the Aseana Concert Grounds, Pasay City.

Rakrakan Festival 2018 Photos

Let me start with the images, or at least the ones I've handpicked for this post. 

Rakrakan Festival 2018 Photos

The rock music festival started past lunch time but the gates were already open before that. We came at dusk. 

Compared last year, there were only Small sized shirts left for the VIP package. Lucky me, at least, I have two of the same thing. 😄

Like the previous design, all bands which participated were printed at the back of the shirt. 

I was hoping for stickers and other freebies like last time but only the shirt is given away (or maybe there was also none left; not sure). 

I love this year's tag! It's really sealed tight and can't be easily removed. 

Rakrakan Festival 2018: Pinoy Muna

Rakrakan Festival 2018 Bands

120 artists played this year, with 6 stages used (last year, there were 100 artists with 5 stages). 

With that many, you can only do so much as choose which stage to stick around with or move around to whichever stage your favorite artist is performing. 

I saw a few people with a printed schedule but I only referred to the list from the Rakrakan's official website. 

Rakrakan Festival 2018 Bands

The bands did not perform in the order they were listed here though. 

It was already dark by the time we started standing at the back (right infront of the baricade which separates the ticket sectioning) for Barbie Almalbis' part. 

Next comes Urbandub. It felt really nostalgic listening to their hit songs. 

The staff also distributed balloons at this point. I'm not sure if it was only for this stage, this band or for the rest of festival. I helped with giving out the balloons for the people at the back and eventually gave mine away too once Urbandub finished performing. 

I moved to a different stage afterwards. Chicosci had just completed their set at the next stage. Only Miggy Chavez and Mong Alcaraz was at the booth for free selfies with fans. 

Mayonnaise came up next. Maan Furio (rhythm guitar) wasn't around then. 

Food Stalls, Merchandise, Activities and More

Heading out straight to the venue with no meal prior, it was dinner time right after this. Luckily, there were more food stalls this time around. 

There were also shops with merchandise and activities you can experience including performing on a mock stage like a real band, skateboarding and more.  

Wolfgang's song was playing on the background while we were far out in the middle of the Aseana grounds, eating while seated in Indian squats like many. Basti Artardi's set was just about done when we went back to the front. 

While Saydie isn't a mainstream band, their screamo music is one of the things I looked forward to. 

Their vocalist's scream was very jaw dropping to hear; so is Arci Muñoz aka Ramona Thornes of the band Phillia, which performed earlier. 

Back to Saydie, at one point, Kat Taylor hopped aboard an inflatable pool, riding the wave of rockers below.

Next, below, is the band Tanya Markova. 

Other acts I've seen include Brownman Revival (complete a photo with the band 😉) and Slapshock. While I love the latter, I didn't stay long enough because of the rowdy audience. The place isn't bricked like the Mall of Asia grounds from last year so dust and dirt was a million times worst (a bit exaggerated but I hope you get the point). My shoes were newly washed before the show but it was really dirty, as if it wasn't cleaned for over a year afterwards. Anyway, it was worth it. 

Rakrakan Festival 2018 Videos

Not much videos to share this time, unlike the previous year, partly, because I was more engrossed in the music or maybe I only saw a few bands this time. 

Here are the videos in a playlist:

Rakrakan Festival 2018: Pinoy Muna
February 24, 2018
Aseana Concert Grounds, Pasay City

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