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Incubus Live in Manila 2018

Here's a short piece just to reminisce the "feel" from the Incubus Live in Manila 2018 concert back in February 17, 2018 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

It's a super late post as I have just been busy with work (and life) but here goes storytime as always...

Incubus Live in Manila 2018

The standing section below the stage was already filled by the time I arrived. Other levels of the coliseum were also filled even if this was already Incubus' fifth concert in the Philippines. It's also a tour for their 8th studio album, also called, '8.'

A few minutes after and a DJ opened the show with danceable EDM beats. Someone from the audience screamed, "bring back the DJ!" afterwards. XD

It doesn't come as a surprise for a disc jock to open the show since Incubus is known to incorporate turntables into their music. 

This un-zoomed photo shows how far I was from the stage. It's still within the standing area but with several imaginary rows infront. 

Quick Tip to Capture Images in Motion (iOS)

For iOS devices, turn ON the Live photo feature in order to capture subjects in motion with better precision. 

Despite that option though, I only have a few good clicks to post. I was also often just too immersed in the music, humming along familiar tracks (songs from the earlier albums mostly).  

Incubus Live in Manila 2018 Video (Short)

And since I was too engrossed with the jam, below are the only vids I got, compiled into one single 12-minute video. 

The video was also uploaded late (two months after) that I initially wrote, MoA Arena instead of Araneta on the video description. 🤣

Incubus Live in Manila 2018 Setlist

But just to have an idea of what took place, here's the setlist for the concert:

  1. Love in a Time of Surveillance
  2. Warning
  3. Nimble Bastard
  4. Anna Molly
  5. Glitterbomb
  6. Megalomaniac
  7. Paper Shoes
  8. Wish You Were Here ( and Pink Floyd's Wish, short)
  9. State of the Art
  10. Pardon Me
  11. Circles
  12. Echo
  13. Pantomime
  14. Sick Sad Little World 
  15. Stellar
  16. Need You Tonight (INXS cover)
  17. No Fun
  18. Loneliest
  19. Make No Sound in the Digital Forest
  20. Nice to Know You
  21. Drive (first verse in slowed keyboard)
  22. Quicksand
  23. A Kiss to Send Us Off
The last two tracks were from the encore. 

Brandon Boyd played the tambourine, guitar and Cajón box at some points of the show. He seemed exhausted by the end but seems to re-assure his bandmates mumbling, "I got this" or so I thought. 😁 

The screams were loud as expected but was loudest (I think) when Boyd became shirtless. He started off with a polo, then a tank top, and then nothing on top but abs. ;) 

I saw the news mention about Arci Muñoz (she has a rock band, Philia, FYI) watching on the backstage. I didn't notice any other celebrity (not that I looked around; all eyes on the band for me). 

Incubus Band

Incubus is comprised of:

Brandon Boyd on lead vocals, percussion, occasional guitar 
Mike Einziger on lead guitar, piano, and backing vocals 
José Pasillas II on drums 
Chris Kilmore on turntables, keyboards, theremin, and synthesizers
Ben Kenney on bass guitar and backing vocals 

Brandon, Mike and Jose were original members since the band was formed in 1991 while Chris joined in 1998 and Ben started in 2003. 

Find Incubus, online, through the following channels:

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