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How to Contact Apple Support Online

Here's a video tutorial on how to contact Apple support online (last part of this post; the first part is for a written summary). 

How to Contact Apple Support Online

For a bit of a background, I ended up searching for Apple's support due to unrecognized purchases showing on my credit card. I just incidentally browsed through unbilled purchases and saw several lines of something like iTunes. Since I didn't purchase anything, I called the bank but was referred to the point of purchase instead since they cannot pull up specific details like what the purchase was for; hence, I looked for Apple's support information. 

How to Contact Apple Support Online

So here's how you can do the same. 

First, go to 

Note that the URL should be posted as it is, not www nor http; otherwise, it won't pull up the correct website. 

The URL then auto-redirects to where you are located (country); unless, you're using a VPN to hide your location. 😆

Contact Apple Support Online

2. Choose the product you need help with.

In my case, since iTunes & Apple Music has been grouped as one, I needed to further narrow the options. 

3. Next comes the actual issue. For the video's scenario, I chose Billing. 

And then an even more specific billing problem...

Lastly, select the method by which you'd like to contact Apple - call, chat or email. 

contact apple online store support

If you opt to call, Apple will actually call you after entering your information to a form which looks like this:

After filling out the form, I received a confirmation. While it says they will call me in 2 minutes, they actually called sooner. I guess it may vary depending on the queue. 

The option to enter information will be missing if you visit the website during non-business hours so you will have to select from the hours available. 

How to Get Apple Support Online (Video)

Now here's the video if you prefer watching a tutorial over reading the instructions. I also added a summary on the video's description along with a transcript of what I said on the vid. 

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or just 

Send your requests for a tech related tutorial you'd like to see. I'll try my best if I can make one or redirect you to an existing one. 


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