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Steak Off Grill for Affordable Steak

Steak Off Grill may be one of those usual food places we visited to just to try someplace new but it was definitely worth it. They serve affordable steak dishes including T-bone, porterhouse and tenderloin, which I personally love. 

Steak Off Grill

Steak Off Grill

While the place is nowhere near high end or even regular steak restaurants, what's most striking is the pricing. I mean, you can't find steak priced between 150 to 250 pesos anywhere else. However, they can definitely improve how it's cooked because it's bordering on being too oily to be appetizing. The serving plates doesn't help as well, even when I'm so hungry. 

Steak Off Grill Parañaque

Steak Off Grill Parañaque 

Furthermore, or at least, this specific branch, parking is a bit limited for those who are dining with family or friends on their vehicles. But it's an easy access for those who are walking in from the area (the populous Better Living) or passing by with motorcycles. 

All in all though, Steak Off Grill is a good place for an affordable steak. 

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