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Classic Savory Meals

Classic Savory can be mistaken for an-Filipino restaurant. Some regard it as a Chinese one due to its original location and history. But it's a little bit of everything on the menu; from chicken, noodles, seafood, beef, pork, vegetables, soup, sandwiches and more. 

Classic Savory Meals

The place also offers something which groups and solo diners can enjoy such as the group meals and e-meals, respectively. 

But since I always dine with family, most of the dishes I enjoy are the regular meals which serves 2-3 persons. 

Below is the Spicy Shrimp with Chili Garlic Sauce, ₱275 

Classic Savory

Next, Beef Stir Fry with Brocolli, ₱275 

Classic Savory Prices

The Mixed Seafood with Broccoli, ₱235 

Classic Savory Meals

The creamy mushroom fish fillet is one of my favorites.

The same applies to soup in general. This one's the Cream of Corn and Crab soup.

Prices are subject to change. 

Combo and Solo Meals

Below is one of their combo meals. It's a set with more items included (although a bit pricier). 

There are more affordable combo meals available too such as these plates below. 

Next is the same chicken meal but with pancit instead. 

Meals does not include rice and drinks. But with the combination above, spend about ₱1,000 more or less for three people (and still have some left over, or not, depending on your appetite). 


Combo sets may work best if you want more going on your plate while the merienda meals are ideal if you're just after a snack. Group meals can serve four people or more for less than a thousand pesos or a little more more while solo e-meals start at around 128 pesos.* 


Those old photos of Manila, when this restaurant had just started always fascinate me. 

It makes you feel closer to the past and it solidifies how classic this resto is indeed. 


More information about prices can be found through user based sites like Zomato. I tried accessing their official website,, but it doesn't load as of this post. 

*Prices are subject to change

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