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Anti Blue Light Glasses Philippines

After two eyeglasses, my eyesight has neither improved nor worsened but when it was too painful and itchy to bear (migraines sometimes included), I thought it was time to change lens. 

Anti Blue Light Glasses Philippines

Ideal Vision Eyeglasses

The first shop where I got a decent pair is quite far. The second one (which was nearby and even located within a small mall) was nothing but headache. I wish I could complain about it like I always do years back but I'd rather channel my energy elsewhere. 

Moving forward, I first approached a popular eye wear brand in yet another mall. The frame is still fine so I just needed a lens. When I mentioned that, they instantly declined. So I tried another known brand. It was like a Hallelujah moment! They entertained me even if they won't make that much money from the lens alone, minus the frame. 

Ideal Vision Eyeglasses

Anyway, I ended buying a new, good quality frame. But see what difference it makes to be a little more customer-oriented? Set aside profitability for a moment and you'll win a new client. Thanks to the people at that Ideal Vision branch. 

Anti Blue Light Glasses Philippines

Inside the shop, the eye checkup was free (like most other similar places). I've read about anti-blue light technology for eye-wear before but I didn't know it was available here. Supposedly, these are specially designed lenses which block blue light from computers and gadgets like tablets and smartphones. So while my vision has neither improved nor worsened, constant exposure to laptops is causing the strain. The ophthalmologist at that time then prescribed blue light glasses. 

Crizal Prevencia Lens

The lenses are custom made so I had to wait for a few days before it's attached to the frame. Prices start at 2,500 pesos depending on additional features you request for, i.e. double coating and so on.

It's called the Crizal Prevencia, manufactured by Essilor. It comes with a card of authenticity with Piolo Pascual's face on it. :) 

Crizal Prevencia Lens

Short Review of Blue Light Lens

I have no idea how other similar brands fare, but Crizal is definitely durable, dust, scratch and smudge-free, and above all, has anti-glare properties. Based on what I've read as well, what it boasts of are anti-reflective lenses. These are tested to be clean, clear and reduces glare not only from computer and related technologies but also from car lights, daylight, UV rays and more. While I normally don't wear it outside, I can vouch for the anti-glare feature when wearing it during work hours. 

Like all other glasses, there was an adjustment period of a few days for this blue lens glasses brand. After that, it was a breeze. I don't really wear eyeglasses all the time but I'm pretty sure that the extended hours I stare at a computer screen is enough to cover any required hours to wear it. There is no strain anymore, thanks to this lens. 

However, you can still suffer from tired eyes of course when lacking sleep so it's recommended to have enough shut eye hours. Don't forget to blink too. While that's supposed to be automatic, we tend to blink less when working in-front of the computer for so long. It also helps to gaze away from the computer for a few seconds in every 30 minutes or so. You can get up from your desk as well and move around a bit. 

Eyeglass Frames

As for the frame, I ended up with something within my budget and preference. I really like how this Elizabeth Arden frame looks and feels like. It's cute but tough and fits well. 

Elizabeth Arden Eyeglass Frame

Replacement Lens

It saved me money to get a replacement lens only because they allowed me to retain the same frame. I only paid for the new Crizal lens. 

Another frame option, from a more affordable brand: 

They do have various brands available and cheaper alternatives as well, in both frame and lens. Above and below is a reading glass lens. 

Eyeglass Lens Care

Speaking of the replacement lens I mentioned above, I did learn the hard way when it comes to eyeglass lens care, particularly the anti-blue light one. So here are some tips to make your specialized eyeglass lens last longer:

1. Buy a eyeglass lens cleaner if your budget allows. 

Most eye clinics offer it. Should you buy online, choose carefully. Compare brands, store, seller, buyer reviews etc. 

2. Don't wipe the lens with anything else other than the wiper which came with it. 

Don't use wet wipes (as they may contain alcohol) nor wash the glasses with soap, detergent and other cleaning agents. Keep the eyeglass cloth clean by washing it from time to time to remove any dirt or residue you've wiped off from the eyeglass. 

3. Keep lens moisture-free. 

Wipe off sweat or water from face or around your eyes first before wearing the glasses. Remove when swimming or going to areas where it can possibly get wet. 

Overall Pricing

Along with the lens, the entire ensemble costs around 6,000 pesos. At Ideal Vision, you can pay in full or instalments. If you pay in full, your glasses will be assembled sooner (just a few days).

More Details

For more information on the brands and products mentioned above, you may refer to the following: 

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Post last updated 12/16/2019

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