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More than Just Coffee at Mary Grace Cafe

Once upon a time, the Titas of Manila made waves in Twitter. While the account seems to be inactive now, its legacy may have remained because some of the connotations of being a tita still remain when we mention certain facts like growing a liking to coffee shops like Mary Grace cafe (according to over more popular locations like Starbucks.

Mary Grace Cafe

Mary Grace Cafe 

While I honestly still prefer "that" more known coffee shop, Mary Grace cafe is definitely on a higher level in terms of available options. It's more than just a cafe, their menu offers beyond  the usual coffee and desserts in coffee shops.  

More Food Options

Apart from caffeinated drinks, tea and baked goods, you can also order all-day breakfast, pasta, seafood and more. I personally enjoyed their clam chowder (first thing which caught my eye; being a fan of this soup to begin with). 

Mary Grace Cafe SM BF

The interior design is also awesome. Not sure about the other branches but this one in SM City BF is festive for the eyes as much as it is for the stomach. 

Mary Grace Cafe SM BF

The tables look too decoratively cute, I'd feel ashamed to spill anything on it. 

The lamps almost look real but they're lightweight and are most likely made from paper products of some sort. 

It's also ideally located, right beside the mall's main entrance; at least for this branch. 

Service and Menu Prices

The crew seems polite and attended to our needs fast. As for menu prices, most items are priced from below 100 to no more than 500 pesos (except for pizza dishes). 

Mary Grace Cafe

For the complete list of menu items and prices, shop locations and more information, visit the following: 

Website: www,

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