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Food Trip in Sagada

Food tripping is one of the things I look forward to when travelling. In Sagada, some must-try include their brown rice and coffee. Wine, made of fermented rice, strawberry and other local products, is another drink to boast. 

Sagada Yoghurt House

Sagada Brown and Red Rice

Below is brown rice paired with bulalo from the highlands. 

I didn't notice any carabao or cow herd anywhere so I was wondering where they get the beef. If it was sourced downhill, then it's not as expensive as it should be considering how it's not easy to transport products to and from the mountains. 

Sagada Brown Rice

The next image shows the healthy brown rice paired with sisig. Aside from brown rice, red rice is also served. 

Sagada Red Rice

Sagada's take on the usual noodle soup (mami) is no different from what we'll find in the metro - noodles in steaming broth with toppings like egg, chicken and more. 

Sagada mami

Sagada Coffee

Their coffee is not as strong kapeng barako of Batangas but it does have a distinct taste comparable to freshly brewed coffee. 

You can buy these in packages for brewing at home or as a pasalubong. Just make sure to clean the filter after two or three drippings. Unlike commercial brands like Folgers which don't spoil for lazy coffee lovers, Sagada's coffee leaves a pungent smell when left on the coffee maker filter for too long. 

Sagada Coffee

All the above were from local food stalls along the town proper, the public market and a building adjacent to the tourism office. 

Sagada Yoghurt House 

The only commercial food place we have visited is the Yoghurt House. The restaurant boasts of good reviews in various websites like Trip Advisor. 

Yoghurt House

Inside, it's quite inviting and relaxing. Upstairs, a view of the area is available if you are seated close to the balcony. There's free Wi-Fi too. 

Sagada Yoghurt House

As for the food, it is definitely delicious and affordable considering how generous the serving size is in contrast to the availability, or lack thereof, of the ingredients used. 

Above is the pan fried beef with veggies and mash potatoes (or rice, alternatively), fried rice (breakfast style) and the popular yogurt with strawberries and banana. 

Where to Eat in Sagada

Other than the Yogurt House and small food stalls (if you aren't too picky), there are other food places of interest such as this list of recommendations from Trip Advisor

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