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Relish Café Madison Galeries Lifestyle Mall Muntinlupa

Relish Café at Madison Galeries, Lifestyle Mall, Muntinlupa is the franchise's way of reaching out to diners south of Metro Manila. Their first two branches are doing well in the north (Quezon City) and central (Makati) area. Now, it's time to serve the same Mediterranean cuisine in this side of the metro. 

Relish Café at Madison Galeries, Lifestyle Mall, Muntinlupa

First Time for Everything

It's several firsts for me. It's my first time at Relish Café. I've never been at Madison Galeries, Lifestyle Mall too. It's also a first invite from Zomato. 

View my food journey on Zomato!

Zomato Foodie Invite

I've always been lurking in Zomato (the website) for food places to try. I have downloaded the app not too long ago. When I saw the levels, it got me hooked. It feels like playing a game so I continued posting reviews and photos to earn more points in order to level up. 

While Zomato often invites high level members (the #7 rank for Metro Manila was with us then), they decided to mix the audience this time. There are top ranking ones, mid-level scores, and fairly new users. I belong to the mid-range I think. 

I'm honored to be invited and my happy tummy thanks Zomato too. I also enjoyed the company of other Zomato reviewers. I've learned a lot from everyone. 

Madison Galeries, Lifestyle Mall

It had always been Alabang and the usual malls in Muntinlupa. So it's surprising for me to see a location that's closer (at least from Sucat) than the common destinations in the area. Lifestyle Mall is also more private since most people probably don't know about it yet, except for those who live nearby (Alabang Hills, Cupang etc). 

Relish Café 

As for the resto, the ambiance relaxing and the food is delicious with generous serving at a justifiable price. 

Ambiance, Location and Parking

There's a good view outside. You can choose to sit by the balcony for a closer look. 

The resto is spacious and can accommodate up 80 persons inside with 10 more outside. Parking space on the other hand is ample enough from the mall alone. It's just a hassle that food stalls and restaurants are all located on the second floor though. 

Food - Appetizer, Specialty Dishes, Meat, Pasta, Dessert

For the food, we were able to sample several dishes. To start with, the appetizers included pesto cheese and artichoke dips. Both are delicious but I enjoyed the latter more. 

Relish Café appetizer

The succeeding two are specialty dishes. The platter is composed of lean meats and is often served from 5PM onwards, along with wine. The tea for two on other hand is served in the afternoon. Twinings tea is poured for each teacup with varying types of bread (pesto cheese, mushroom spread dip, and apple slices). Cake slices were also included; not seen on the photo but there's chocolate and banana cake. 

Relish Café tea and meat

A plate which comes with various dishes combined - the cold meat cuts, bread, cheese, cashew nuts, and more. 

Pasta was also served - carbonara and spaghetti. The latter isn't sweet like Pinoy-style. It's not similar to Italian cooking too. It's more like in between Filipina and Italian; just about right. 

Relish Café pasta

Chicken meals were served with either mash potato or rice on the sides. Both were delicious. The herbs used for the chicken may be overpowering, but in a good way.

Relish Café chicken

I'm a fish lover so the next dish is obviously what I enjoyed most. The vegetable salad complements the salmon well. The fish meat was also cooked perfectly inside and out. 

Relish Café fish

Most of us agreed on the sisig as the star though. It's a good Filipino dish in addition to the Mediterranean menu.

Relish Café sisig

And if that's not enough yet, we also had lava cake with mint ice cream topping as well as sans rival cake.

Relish Café dessert

I'm a fan of lemon drinks too and their version of lemon with mint was delicious.

Final Verdict

All in all, Relish Café offers good food at friendly prices for the family or friends in a more intimate location with a nice view of the laid back metro south. It's definitely a mall I'd love to visit again and a restaurant I'd enjoy dining at. 

For more information on menu, prices, reservation and other details, find Relish Café through the following social media channels online:

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