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Kuya J Restaurant Review

Kuya J Restaurant is an all-Filipino cuisine restaurant. It all started in Cebu City and have soon made it's way all over the country. 

No, it's not Jericho Rosales' food chain (or maybe I'm the only one who thought so), if you wondered about that too after seeing his posters and standees. 

Kuya J Restaurant

Kuya J Restaurant Review

But how does it fare? Here's a review with more photos than words, for a disclaimer. I enjoy eating and taking photos of the food, more than talking about it. 😂

These images span several visits to various branches of the brand. 

Kuya J Restaurant Review


You can choose from a good list of delectable dishes in the menu. I recognized some with Kapampangan origin but more so those which are popular in the south. After all, Kuya J began in Cebu. 

In this first food snapshot, there's chicken, chop suey and dinuguan. The latter uses crunchy pork (much like lechon or pork chop cuts). The chicken is definitely inasal (Bacolod style barbecue). 

The crispy pata is possibly the most expensive among everything we have tried (500+ for the regular serving alone). But it's crispy and delicious as expected. The serving size is also good enough for several people (but may depend on one's appetite). 

The typical ginisang munggo (mung bean) is different too. It tasted of gata (coconut milk) with chicharon bits; hence, it's called ginataang munggo. It's certainly something new, at least for me whose used to the Ilocano style of cooking this dish. 

Above is the same munggo dish but on a different location. I wonder why they were served differently? The chicharon is missing on this one. 

The bangus sinigang (above) is generous in serving. The extender greens balances the dish. 

There's also a sinigang in pork version. 

Bulalo, is also available. It's enough for 2-3 persons to share with enough serving of tender meat and vegetables. 

And the vegetable dishes; pinakbet and kare-kare. 

Chicken for the kids. 

More food items sampled on their menu...

I didn't like the sisig much though. It's a bit greasy. The meat is at least very tender. They don't use the usual pig face in sisig; it's made of pork belly. 

I wasn't crazy about the relyenong talong (stuffed egglant) either. It's okay but I probably just don't like the combination. Tortang talong (eggplant omelet) is more familiar. 

Above is the crispy kangkong but I don't think it's still being served, or at least, not in all branches. It's also just fine. I enjoyed trying one or more pieces but there was probably too much (very generous serving) to consume.  

They have pancit canton too. 

All of the ulam (main dishes) won't be complete without rice. Kuya J offers several types. Above is the crab rice platter. 

Next up is the danggit rice. Danggit is a popular salted, sun dried fish variety (rabbit fish). 

That's the seafood and corn soup above and below are desserts - water chestnut delights and mango pandan. Both sweet servings are good. 

I'm also a major sabaw (soup) fan so I have to comment that the seafood and corn was superb. My hungry tummy can be full just with alone. 

This ube flavored halo-halo is a good addition to the menu. Most tables order this a lot during summer. 

Although this doesn't offer a lot in terms of ingredients, it's filled with flavors from the ice alone. The crushed ice's texture is velvety soft; comparable to Korean or Japanese halo halo versions. 

I prefer the ube variety (above) versus the regular halo-halo espesyal (below). 

Among various drinks available including soft drinks, juice, iced tea shake, and even alcoholic beverages, I'd like to share these two below: 

Above is the ripe mango shake and below is brewed coffee. I forgot what the other one beside it was. 😆

Below is the cucumber drink with ice tea on its left. 


Here's a glimpse of their menu. I wasn't able to take a photo of every page because it was spread throughout this ingeniously magazine-like menu. 

Kuya J menu


All branches seem to have the exact same feel, like you're in a cafe with books; meaning, a good place to relax and dine. 

Price Range

As for the prices, it's budget friendly for families and groups. You can feed three people (or more) with just a thousand pesos. 

Final Thoughts

I've noticed how most branches have groups seated or maybe even standing by the door, waiting for the receptionist to call their names. That definitely is a good sign that people come here a lot, even if they need to wait. 

Inside, the ambiance is like a typical family restaurant you'll enjoy. The staff are friendly and service as a whole is good. 

So overall, it was a good experience. 

More Details

For more information including the complete menu, updated price list, branches nationwide, careers, franchising opportunities, and more, see the following pages: 

*This post has been updated on June 2017 and October 2018

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  1. Wowie April Alpasan 30 mins for halo-halo!!!! SERVICE SUCKS@KUYAJ-AYALA!!! They showed no remorse at all! It was as if it was an everyday occurrence! To think we were the first one there at 5pm. They had the audacity to charge us ala cart even though we ordered medley. The manager did nothing. We ate there monday 6/12/2017. If that's how they want to be known...For their BAD SERVICE!!! We had to follow up on our order twice! First i asked the lady standing at the door, then the waiter who was as if he was about to short circuit (follow up ng order nyo ma'm? sabi ko : opo. inulit niya ulit. waiter: follow up ng order nyo po ma'm? I was ready to boil over and just tip my spout!!! Still no order. Then I stood up went to the cashier. It's unbelievable this people! After three follow ups you would have thought...sense of urgency! But no I had to stand up the fourth time to finally cancel my order! CLOSE YOUR SHOP AND RETRAIN YOUR PEOPLE!!! We deserve better!!!


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