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Infographic on How Much Countries are Willing to Pay for the iPhone 7

In today's materialistic day and age, can you buy status? With the help of a certain Apple, you might just be able to.

Did you know that the iPhone6 sold a record breaking 13 million units three days after its launch last year?  According to a survey, Filipinos love the iPhone with 41.2% of those surveyed picking it over other brands.

With around 27.5 million smart phone users in the Philippines in 2016, Apple has retained the popularity of its iPhones among smart phone consumers due to its association with luxury. As a status symbol, owners of an iPhone are viewed as rich, luxurious and capable.

Here is an example of what the price of owning an iPhone 7 can equate to in an average day of one Filipino (one upper middle-class Filipino has an average monthly income of PHP15,430 or approximately USD1.80 income per hour).

If one Filipino uses 100% of his/her income to purchase an iPhone 7, he/she must work for 71 days, which is approximately equivalent to:

-  4 months’ rental for an apartment in the city centre, or
- 25 bags of rice (one bag of rice cost approximately PHP2,000)  or
- 5882 Jeepney rides (one ride costing PHP8.50 and taken 4 times a day) for 1,470 days

Bottom line: the cost of the iPhone 7 equates to a sum of money that can be spent on so much more. Almost everyone already has a phone and the iPhone 7 is more of an it-item than shows off your wealth. It’s amazing to what lengths people will go to seem higher up in the social food chain.

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