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Yakimix on a Good Friday Night

It was literally a Friday night, a Good Friday at Yakimix. It's one of the few restaurants which was open during the Lenten Season, particularly on Good Friday when even non-Christian business folks close their shops due to the belief that opening at such a date is bad luck since Christianity is commemorating this day as Jesus Christ's death.

Yet aside from the fact that there were several dining places which are open on this time of the year, most of them served meat too; something which is supposed to be forbidden during Holy Week. In Yakimix, just when I thought people will avoid the trays for meat, those are most replenished because people prefer them next to seafood. 

Yakimix on a Good Friday

While I often binge during buffet, this time I didn't. I have also not been to a buffet since then and have successfully evaded every urge to do so for months to the point of declaring that it may well be the last buffet meal I will partake of unless someone pays it for me. ;)

Compared with other buffet restaurants I've been to, I love Yakimix' grill. Too bad, I read a long list of suggestions from Reddit Philippines quite late or else I would have known which items to avoid to make the most out of money. 

Here's a short video of the grill: 

Food Items to Pick on Buffet Meals

Based on suggestions from forum folks, pick higher priced items like lamb (only Vikings serve this as far as I've noticed), foie gras if there is any, pricier seafood like lobster, shrimp, crab, etc. and anything else that is often costlier than other items. Next, avoid those which are filled breading like tempura. Starch, flour, and other similar fillers make you full easier. Lastly, items that are commonly found elsewhere like in fast food can be set aside. Focus on dishes that aren't normally served in your favorite hangouts. These of course are but trial and error suggestions. It may turn out worst to follow so you should also conduct your own web research for the best items to sample. There are reviews on various places online such as Zomato, Foursquare, forums and even through social media pages or groups. 

Yakimix on Video

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May you resist the urge or simply give in to the temptation; it's up to you!

Get more information about Yakimix including branches, hours of operation, contact information, reservation, menu and more through their Facebook page:

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