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Venice Grand Canal in McKinley Hills, Taguig City

Shopping experience will never be the same. Most developers these days are now combining business, residence and pleasure into one building or within an adjacent compound. There are sections for business offices (call centers for one), residential areas (often condo units), and a shopping center complete with dining places and even parks. 

Some malls I've seen which follow this new trend include SM Aura and Blue Bay Walk Metropolitan Park to name some. And here's another one, the newly opened Venice Grand Canal in McKinley Hills, Taguig City. 

Besides the usual things you'll see in a mall, what's most fascinating here is a gondola ride along the man made canal. 

Here are some photos of the grand canal: 

Some of the gondola used for the ride: 

The succeeding photos are captured while on board one of the gondola for rent. 

A ride costs Php500 per person, even for kids. However, it's currently available during weekends only since the whole place is technically not officially open yet. Most shops are still closed actually. The entire tour lasted for about 20 minutes with photo ops that are not free though. Each framed photo costs 100 pesos each but the frame is just made of a plain cardboard material. 

Here's a short video clip from the ride:

Please excuse the voice over. Try to listen to the mall's background music though. They play classical music and opera songs. There was even an operat singer who performed that night. 

Although there is supposedly a minimum of four persons per boat ride, they made an exemption and allowed the three of us to hop aboard. 

Check it out. May tatlong bibe pa! That's in reference to the new somewhat annoying but funny old kindergarten song, Tatlong Bibe

There's also an interesting cafe where everyone working inside are dressed like 17th century folks. I didn't get to drop by though as I was already full just from the usual clam chowder from S&R. Maybe next time. 

Roam around and you'll find more interesting shops including a center spot similar to ATC (Alabang Town Center). A fountain is also situated outside the grandiose entrance reminiscent of old medieval architecture. But don't be fooled by the parking name "Venice Luxury," it's not expensive. 

For more information about the Venice Piazza, check out this page from the developer, Megaworld

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