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Monomola Lip Tattoo Review

Monomola Lip Tattoo Review

So, I'll make this review of the Monomola Lip Tattoo short and straight to the point. 

I saw a Facebook shop with a video tutorial showing how to use this product. It instantly got my attention but I decided to buy in Lazada instead (as I find it more convenient for a cash on delivery option rather than meetups). 

But I was disappointed after trying it. While it seems easy at the video presentation, it's a pain to use in real life. I had smears of color on my teeth after applying. You can try to plaster the teeth area with large scotch tape but it still didn't work for me when I move my mouth even for a second. It's also uneven no matter how much I try to even out the distribution of the color. 

So all in all, this is a waste of time and money. But hey. that's just me and it may just work for you. 

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