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For Beloved One Mandelic Acid Review

9:17 PM 0
I came across this brand, For Beloved One Mandelic Acid at a popular beauty shop. I was searching for an alternative when the glycolic acid...

Region 1 Medical Center Review and My Childbirth Experience

11:00 AM 0
One of the greatest factors every expectant mom, especially for a first-timer, has to consider for a comfortable and perfect delivery expe...

Kuya J Restaurant Review

1:29 AM 1
Kuya J Restaurant is an all-Filipino cuisine restaurant. It all started in Cebu City and have soon made it's way all over the country....

Dual Laser Technology Review by Contours

2:15 PM 0
I availed of a 4 + 4 package from a Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute branch and had completed six sessions befo...

Imagine You and Me Movie Review (from a Former Fan's Perspective)

10:43 AM 0
While it's very predictable to expect an AlDub fan to like Imagine You and Me and a basher to say the opposite; a former fan like me ca...
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