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100 Peso Challenge: Search for the Cheapest Finds for Budget-Conscious Mommies

I went out to do the groceries one day and while I was busily scanning shelves after shelves for the items that I have to purchase, I observed mothers; some pushing carts with their kids riding the grocery carts, most of them wearing loose shirts, unflattering pair of shorts, hair disheveled with dry, peeling lipstick stains over their chapped lips. I imagine them just grabbing the first pair of clothes they can find before they went out of the house, maybe dabbed some loose baby powder and just swiped some lipstick, I am not even sure if they scanned themselves in the mirror before going out.

I have to shake my head. This awareness nagged me for several days, making me very keen to all the mothers that I had passed along the busy streets. It saddened me to see a lot of them looking super haggard, unmindful of their dirty nails, unflattering clothes, unhealthy hair, bodies neglected after carrying several babies that some even look older than their actual age.

I apologize as early as now but I, too am a mother and I work at home at the same time. I, too have a plateful of responsibilities. And it hurts to see a lot of mothers sacrificing too much that they tend to neglect themselves. Indeed, being a mother is a huge responsibility especially if you have multiple kids. It is the most fulfilling job if not the hardest in the world. But it doesn’t mean that you as a mother have to sacrifice everything to the extent that you neglect taking care of yourself for your kids’ expense. You have to understand that you are a wonderful individual with separate needs and it is indeed normal to feel guilty when you reward or pamper yourself time to time but keep in mind that you do deserve it!  

Some may argue that they rather spend the money for some other household expenses that’s why I decided to write this 100 peso challenge to pinpoint that you still can reward and indulge yourself even with the cheapest finds in the market for only a hundred peso just to feel good and look nice even once in a while. I made it P100 because I understand that a lot of mothers are so hesitant to even spare a dime for themselves and rather spend it for their baby’s milk or diapers.

I am a practical mother just like you. Even if I am earning a decent salary, I will not spare thousands of pesos for a pair of pants or shoes. Sorry but that is who I am.  I love going to tiangges for cute yet affordable stuff and I am an ukay fanatic (thrift shops selling second hand items). I would spend a lot of time rummaging through the heaps for great finds even at P10 and I am not ashamed to admit that.

Note: If this isn’t your thing, then that’s okay. This writing has been inspired by a lot of budget-conscious mother - giving them the idea that it is alright to spare even just for a small amount of money for themselves once in a while and not to feel guilty about it and that P100 can still go so far if you are only aware of where to begin and what to look for.

The Challenge

I was with Dave (my husband) together with Vander (our son) when we went to Dagupan City to fulfill the challenge.  We had fun! It turned out to be a great way to spend some time with my boys!
ready to go out with my son (he is not really fond of cameras, hehe :)

So here are the products that I ended up buying to cover the P100 challenge. I will also provide some other options that you can do with your P100.

Affordable Nail Polish. The first stop was Unitop Dagupan. I love Unitop because it is a one-stop store that sells affordable yet quality products such as kitchenware, glassware, electrical and hardware, furniture, office and school supplies, clothing and shoes for men, women and kids, toiletries and many more.

I bought 2 bottles of nail polish. One bottle was peach-pink or maybe salmon pink in color (P23.00) and the other is in a glittery Steel Gray shade (P19.75). I love the bottles, especially the glittery gray because of the ring design at the tip of it. They are cute and look expensive. The ones I bought just have a logo of a hand but the brand name wasn’t indicated. There is a wide array of shades to choose from but if you want the same shades, I guess you can buy the ones closest to the colors I chose.
the two shades I chose

Mind you that I do my own manicure and pedicure not only because I am cutting the expenses but because I am not comfortable having someone to clean my nails for me. I had a bad experience with a manicurist before which infected my big toe so I invested instead with my own tools so I can do my mani-pedi every other week during the weekend when my son is asleep. It is an alone time that I love doing even now that I have a baby. Some may not be into lacquers but there’s no excuse for not having clean and groomed nails which you can do yourself.
steel gray nail polish when applied

the peach-pink nail polish when applied

Colorful Elastic Bands (Hair Accessory). When you are a mother, you tend to always be in a run. I get it and I don’t like the feel of strands of my hair sticking in my face especially if I am working, cleaning the house or doing my errands; and the easiest hair style I can do is the ponytail. I am usually in a ponytail or a bun when I am at home or during my bad hair days so finding this set of colorful elastic bands not only gives life to my boring tresses but also is very useful to secure them into place. I like the designs as contrast to the usual black bands that I have. It is a set of 5 for only P15.00 so it indeed is a great bargain.
cute bands for my unruly tresses

Unitop Purchases:

Colorful Elastic Bands   =    P 15.00
2 Bottles of Nail Polish  =       42.75
Total                                  P   57.75

Ukay Finds. Right after Unitop, I have P42.25 left out of the P100 budget so it really is a challenge to find clothes for P42.25. We decided to go to one of my favorite ukayans (thrift shop) in the city to look for a top or a pair of pants. They were not on a sale when we arrived. The tops are sold at P80. It may still sound cheap but when you are a certified mang-uukay that is already expensive. But then I saw several boxes with clothes sold at P10; it made me super excited!

I rummaged in the box maybe for a good three minutes before I saw a cute tattered denim miniskirt (medium size). Ideas on how to maximize it are already pouring in my mind. I set it aside then look for a top. And alas! I saw a classic navy blue girly polo with intricate designs in the collar and chest parts. I so love the needlework designs and the cuff of the sleeves. Plus the top looks like it really wasn’t used yet, maybe it was an old stock that ended up in thrift shops.

I was so thrilled when matched them together for only P20! I have already a powerful getup ready to be pimped. There were slacks, dresses, pants, sweaters, knits also sold for P10 but I just ended with the two to come up with the challenge.
got these pair for only P20 (both in good condition)

A pair of classic earrings. The last P20 was spent with a pair of Korean earrings being sold in the streets. There’s a lot to choose from different colors and designs if you are looking for a chunky pair of affordable earrings. The longevity of it varies. Some are plaited in gold but of course knowing the price, the plait will soon fade out especially when you use it often. But again, the aim here is to look for cheapest items that mothers can have without feeling guilty.

I chose a pair of classic silver filigree with a faux pearl in the middle to accentuate the classic design of the top that I bought.
the pair that I chose that matches the getup

The Result of the Challenge

I was very excited to take pictures of the purchases I made. I was satisfied with what I came up with! Take note, I still have P2.25 change left! See, you really don’t need to spare a lot to reward yourself. The point is, there are really a lot of items that are affordable that you can buy for yourself to still look good and to feel good. Just do some accessorizing, mix and match and funky it up with your personality to make it work for you.
Voila! The P20 pair that I bought from the flea market (I accessorized it with a bib necklace)

Note: I am not really promoting mothers to be in miniskirts. Those I selected are based on my personality. There is always something that matches your personality. Just be patient in rummaging especially if you are buying in the flea market.

I also have a list of some other items, products, activities that you can indulge with your P100 to pamper yourself without feeling guilty.

Salon Services

1. Haircut. A nice haircut can take several years out of your face. For us women, our hair is our crowning glory so jump start with a great haircut. There are plenty of local beauty salons and trusted shops that offer quality haircut starting from P49-P99.

2. Hot Oil. There are also a lot of salons that provide hot oil treatment within or less than P100. Just inquire within your area for shops that offer those services within the budget. But if you want to save, you can buy the do-it-yourself hot oil in sachets or bottles that you can find in Watson’s, Hortaleza and other beauty shops. You just follow the instructions and the measurements for your hair treatment for a better result.

3. Mani-Pedi Services. If you are not comfortable doing your own manicure and pedicure then you can also avail these services from your favorite salon in your area. There are independent yet great manicurists who usually offer affordable home services so just inquire and set an appointment for you to have yours done.

Trendy Tops, Affordable Pants and Shorts

If you are not comfortable buying second hand items, you still can buy brand new and cute tops for P100 or less in Divisoria, Baclaran or tiangges near your place. Most of the items are from Hongkong and China but some are from our local clothing factories. It can be sleeveless, shirts, blouses, cropped tops and some pants and shorts. Just be mindful though of the quality. Of course, you can expect that quality comes in a price.


There are cheap makeups being sold in the market although I am not really comfortable buying them, it’s up to you if you want to give them a try but just be careful of the side effects especially that you will put them directly in your face. I rather recommend affordable over the counter makeups from trusted brands like Nichido, Ever Bilena, Careline, Avon and other budget-friendly brands if you want to buy a lipstick, blush-on, eyebrow liner, eye shadows, and other beauty products.


I have a collection of plastic-based open-toed sandals that I just bought for P89 a pair. I love them because they are great to be worn when it is raining or whenever I go to the market because they are light-weight and long-lasting plus they are deceiving because they look expensive on me. I also bought a pair of original Converse shoes for P100 in a flea market (still in a great condition). I have several slippers that I purchased from P35-P89. 

The point is, if you want to buy a footwear, it is very possible to still find a pair for just P100 or less and luckily there are lots of local stores that offer a wide selection.


Some mothers are not into makeups, clothes, hair accessories but love lingerie and underwear. Underwear heightens sensuality and confidence even if worn underneath. There are colorful and sexy underwear in different variation that you can buy within P100. Unitop is a good place to start, also in Divisoria, Quiapo or Recto or other tiangges in your area. I have seen colorful t-shirt bras but again be ready with the expectations that they might not last that long.


If you are into accessories, then P100 can go that far. There are lots of shops now that offers affordable yet trendy accessories from necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, hair accessories, and others. 100 peso, if you are good in looking for great finds can already buy a set of a necklace and a pair of earrings, or maybe a pair of earrings and a bracelet, or a combination of the three. I love going to these shops because the designs are amazingly and intricately done.

Beauty Products

Pampering can also be done through a good bar soap, a weekly hair treatment solution sold in sachets, a nose pack, face mask, a shower gel, a lotion or a new scent. Again, the challenge here is how you can maximize P100. Watson’s often is the best place to visit if you want some pampering and would like to try new products used in salons that are affordable which you can do on your own. The best thing about it is that products are sold in sachets, in bars and tiny bottles so you don’t really have to spend a lot to give it a try.

I hope that I was able to at least give ideas to all mothers out there to treat yourself and  to look and feel good not just once in a while. P100 is nothing compared to all the sacrifices that you are doing for your kids, husband and the entire of your household. Actually you can do your own challenge from P50, P100, P300, P500 or even P1000 if your budget will allow you.

You are a wonderful woman, God’s creation. Admit it or not but before we became mothers, we tend to take good care and make ourselves look presentable so I hope that you still invest time and effort to do the same even after getting married. You don’t really need to spend a big chunk to still feel pretty. I understand how important it is to be wise with our spending knowing the expenses specially when we have to meet both ends every day but it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice yourself and just embrace the idea of motherhood by totally forgetting yourself.

Let the responsibility not consume you to the point that you look very stressed, and you don’t care anymore about how you look just because you stay at home. Motherhood is a beautiful thing. It is a celebration of womanhood so the more that you should find reasons to take good care of yourself. Remember, you still are a spouse and you want your husband to still look at you the same way he looks at you when he was just  courting you or when you were still dating. You are also mother blessed with the most beautiful kids so be proud! 

Aside from God, the person who should love and value you first... should always be YOU!

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