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Things Women Should Know About C-Sections vs. Natural Birth

6:12 PM 0
As an expectant mother, you may have an idea about what giving birth will feel like. You most definitely have some ideas and expectations f...

C-Section Delivery After Care: 5 Tips For Easier Recovery

12:19 PM 0
I’ve read so many articles about how people look at Cesarean Section as a “lazy option” of delivering a child and how it is deemed as the ...

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Walking

5:57 PM 0
Let’s face it, not everyone is an avid walker. But while some may dismiss walking as a tiresome chore, there’s no denying that there’s mor...

Women & Cars - Check Out The Hot Pairs Of Wheels Perfect For You Ladies

5:35 PM 0
Women are the God's finest creation and there is no argument on that. Today's women are heading towards various roles – be it ...

Pony Top Star '77 for WOMEN has ARRIVED

4:12 PM 0
The ultimate throwback is here. Everybody fell head-over-heels in love with the all-white and all-black Topstar ’77 when it was released b...

Bra Talk: Knowing the Right Fit and Finding the Right Type

1:10 AM 0
Bra or brassiere is an undergarment designed to support a woman’s breasts. The evolution of bra has remarkably seen through the years...

5 Reasons Why Some Women are Still Single at 30 and How To Cope With It

6:32 AM 0
image credit: Pat David /Flickr I went out just weeks ago with three of my college friends that I haven’t seen for almost 10 years....
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