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Question and Answer for the Marketing in a Digital World School Event

School Name: Central Luzon State University
College: College of Business Administration and Accountancy
Course/Major: BS in Business Administration and Accountancy Major in Marketing Management
Professors in charge: Asst. Prof. Marilyn Escalona


1. What is your blog account all about? Will you provide background information that describes your blogs?

I currently have 3 blogs but I’d like to mention only two. One is BlogPhNet ( and the other is Success on oDesk ( The former (BlogPhNet) is a general blog where we post content on various topics including lifestyle, travel, food, local places, movies, music, television, health, beauty, social media, blogging, the web, technology, business, work, pictures, videos, books, and more. The latter features tips for oDesk (now Upwork) users as well as freelancers on other websites. BlogPhNet by the way consists of several contributing writers while in Success on oDesk, I alone write the content.

2. Does blogging helps you to attain desire to reach your target audience?

Definitely. Success on oDesk has a more specific niche, which is about freelancing and working online. BlogPhNet is more general and targets practically all ages.

3. Why you use blogging as a medium to communicate your ideas and thoughts instead of using other mediums such as Facebook or other sites?

BlogPhNet started as Free Minds Free Lines all the way back in 2009 when Facebook wasn’t booming yet. 

Blogging is more effective in terms of content length, longevity, and reach as compared with social media where posts are normally limited to certain characters. You can write lengthy articles with no problem. Although this can also be done in Facebook, most status updates are short. As per longevity, blog posts can possibly stay online forever (yes, may forever!) as long as the site isn’t deleted or the URL (name) and hosting service (more on this under the digital marketing material) doesn’t expire. Lastly, reach is wider. Facebook is limited to your friends and people who follow you or the page (unless you set the post to public). But blog posts can be reached by practically anyone around the world.

4. Are you aware of blogging rules and etiquette?

Technically, there is no formal rules and regulations in blogging. In fact, there are blogs with topics that are questionable such as sex, gore, drugs, and even illegal stuffs. So blogging etiquette is more subjective. It’s your personal call whether or not you are to engage in promoting illegal and unethical content. In some cases, the rules are dependent on your blog’s hosting service provider (again, this will be discussed under the digital marketing topic).

5. What are the etiquettes that you follow in blogging?

Personally, I avoid topics that are not appropriate for general audiences. I can definitely consider our blog as GP or general patronage in nature although there are sometimes rated PG type of posts from time to time. We also make sure to avoid plagiarism and write only original content that is not copied elsewhere. We also link to high quality websites alone and avoid any connection with poor, spammy (this is another topic under digital marketing) types of sites. It is also of good practice to mention any references and credit sources of information we write or images and videos we use for the posts. 

Sensationalism is certainly something we are not engaged with as well. Lastly, we don’t jump into the bandwagon of what’s in or not at the moment. We will only write about what’s hot if we are personally touched by such topics (i.e. social media trends). So pretty much, the etiquette we follow are related to what journalism follows.

Further information about marketing in the digital world that you want to share can be included in the video, or all the ideas that you want to share may do.

I have a separate material for digital marketing.

Your ideas are highly appreciated for our seminar and it’s a great pleasure to have you as our resource speaker.

Thank you very much for having me as well! 

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