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Men’s Fashion Jewelery and Accessory Trends of 2015

2015 saw a massive growth in men’s fashion where jewelry and accessory has become an increasingly dynamic and valuable market. There has been a global appreciation on how a piece or two’s subtle addition to men’s wardrobe can instantly step up their fashion game. We’ve seen great style complimented with details and similarly amazing accessories. There’s also a new-found interest in men’s jewelry and accessories which is now being viewed as a booming and lasting trend.

Fresh, slouchy silhouettes paired with an easy going attitude dominated the men’s fashion scene, a far cry from last year’s ultra-slim fitted cuts and proportions.

Men’s Fashion Jewellery and Accessory Trends of 2015

Luxury Backpacks

Considered as a chic utilitarian alternative to the classic, at times stiff, briefcase --- luxury backpacks are now currently in trend. From casual sporting designs to satchels with a vintage feel, this year’s trend provided a lot of option in finding the perfect style. Designs varies from navy-inspired to hedged-styled with embossed details using faux leather materials. Backpacks are truly a current man’s favorite hands free accessory.

Wrist Fashion

The bracelet trend continued in 2015 with many men deciding to incorporate them into their everyday wardrobe. Celebrities such as the likes of Robert Downey Jr., David Beckham and Justin Bieber photographed donning designer bracelets have further paved the way for this trend. Leather bracelets serve as a great anchor piece, signalling refined masculinity. On the other hand, woven fabric wrapped around the wrist is a fashionable way to accent any color to an outfit.

Another design having a moment is the beaded bracelet. Whether in smaller, pea-sized beads for a more sophisticated, formal look to a bigger, thus, more casual design, beaded bracelets definitely is a spot on trend for the year. Lastly, metal bracelets and cuffs are perfect for added personality and character, especially when paired with lightweight tees and vests. It evokes a clean streamlined design that is casual and can be worn all year-round.

Men’s Fashion Jewellery and Accessory Trends of 2015
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Rings and Necklaces

Traditionally, jewelries on men are frowned upon with the average man limiting himself to a watch. However, this year saw a surge of fashion conscious men stacking on necklaces and rings. Necklaces and rings can both be mixed and matched to create a series or variety of statements. Layering them up also creates a more casual, rock-themed look with a bit of a bohemian edge.
Another current style is a single, long and thin strand that can be weighed down with interesting trinkets and artifacts.


Trainers, to be more exact. Trainers have truly became a style-conscious guy’s must have for 2015. These goes well with this year’s athleisure (athletic and leisure) trend, perfect with sweatshirt, hoodies and tailored joggers. Designs vary from white-outs, to block-colored and print, to textured. Shoe giants Adidas and Nike, have provided trainers offering both casual and comfort. Even high-end designers showcased trainer-heavy collections signalling that the trainer trend is here to stay.

There indeed has been a resurgence of fashion trends for men’s jewelry and accessories. These subtle extensions to one’s wardrobe are perfect ways to showcase one’s personality or character.

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