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Your Outfit: Friend or Foe?

Have you ever felt lost in your own close? A sophisticated outfit can be your best friend or most fierce enemy. When you enter a room, you should be noticed. But, as sometimes happens, this task becomes increasingly difficult. So, here are some tips to stand out in a crowd.

From attitude to posture, every detail can make, or ruin your look. Don't fall prey to fashion's strict rules and learn how to get yourself noticed even in the most mundane clothes. Discover a few useful tips below!


Outfit consists of:
1. Olivia Graham Cashmere - Cabled Round Neck Sweater 
2. Yoins - Grey Slim Bodycon Skirt 
3. Ala├»a - Embellished Suede and Elastic Sandals 
4. Ray-Ban - The Wayfarer Sunglasses 
5. Eddie Borgo - Safety Chain Silver-plated Choker 
6. Kotur Espey - Embossed Silver-tone Box Clutch 
7. Larsson & Jennings - Silver-plated Watch

Perhaps the most important ingredient is your attitude. Designers always choose models with lots of attitude. Naomi Campbell has become so famous worldwide because of her personality. Her strong walk says confidence and strength.

Body position

A straight back and a forward look give you a state of power that everyone will feel and notice. Nothing will benefit you more than a beautiful and confident stature. To accustom your body with an imposing posture you can start doing Yoga, like Gisele Bundchen.

Choose the right clothes

Trends are important, but don't let them direct your life. Wear suitable clothing for your body. A smaller size of jeans will accentuate your flaws while a bigger top will disadvantage your silhouette.

Choose colors that suit you

You just came back from a seaside vacation? Highlight your tan with bright colors. Don't overdo it, though! You don't need to create bold contrasts if you don’t like them. For a tanned skin count on light colors, but avoid white!

Outfit consists of:
1. Maria Black - Long Gold-plated Necklace 
2. Olivia Graham - Cashmere Ribbed Panel Singlet 
3. J.Crew - Mesh skirt 
4. Ray-Ban - Clubmaster Sunglasses 
5. Christian Louboutin - Suede Pumps 
6. Gucci - Suede shoulder bag

However, if you haven't had a vacation yet and your skin doesn't have that dreamy sun-kissed color, opt for basic shades.

Style is something you are born with

If a trend doesn't favor you, build your own style, just like Alexa Chung. Personality will always trump rules. Don't wear a trendy coat if you feel it doesn't suit you. If you feel that you shouldn't follow the season's trends you can always bring back to life a past style.

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