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4 Most Common Benefits of Being Part of a Church

Church in the dictionary is defined as a building used for public Christian worship. But when you go to a church, Christian leaders define it as the people who attend the worship. According to apostle Paul, the church is a community of believers who devote themselves to the teachings, to fellowship, communion, and prayer.

What’s the truth?

In our search for the truth, we often visit different churches and come across different cultures and doctrines. We get to know a lot of people, make really good friends along the way and stick with the people, not the beliefs. Sometimes, we think the beliefs are right but the people are just plain wrong for our fit. We don’t get the feeling that we want and so we move forward and find something else.

Recently, the country has been jolted with a controversy about one of the major churches. It has been established in the land for centuries and lead by a well known and well respected family. Wikipedia dubs INC (Iglesia Ni Cristo) as the third largest religious denomination in the nation, next to Roman Catholic and Islam.

Nobody is perfect.

One thing we have to always bear in mind is that there is no perfect church, simply because these churches are composed of mere humans. Humans who are susceptible to temptation, humans who have weaknesses, humans who are plain and simple, not perfect.

However, as we strive to find peace of mind and eternal happiness, the church is always there to usher us into the path of righteousness. Their ultimate goal, which is expressing reverence to God, bringing more and more genuine souls to Christ and making His Good News of salvation known to the world. Thus, being part of a church has its wonderful benefits.

  1. Belong

It’s very important because it provides a sense of belonging -- a basic human psycho social need. You find and build friendships that last a lifetime because you have a common ground -- your beliefs.

It gives you the chance to interact with people who will treat you like family. People who will pray for you and with you, people who will listen to all your concerns and not judge you behind your back, people who will share their knowledge, experience, and basically their life with you.

  1. Be the Change

Being part of a church community also provides you with opportunities to make a difference in the world. You can volunteer for the church or outside as part of the church. In an outreach program, for example, you can serve with your financial abilities or serve with your physical abilities. All efforts, in whatever form or kind is appreciated. With this, you will find a sense of fulfillment in your life. You will no longer have that feeling of emptiness because you know you have somehow done your part in helping others.

  1. Be Good
Most, yes, not all churches disciple at the pulpit but unfortunately, it sometimes stops there. The goal of the church and the members of the church is to bring people to the righteousness of God. This entails teaching you to have love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, among other things.

When churches encourage discipleship, people are given the sense of accountability. When you have a problem, you don’t have to go through it alone. You will have at least one person who will personally pray for you and with you every step of the way. In a discipleship group, you can pour your heart out and they will support and encourage you. You become a better person with your disciples as they continue to mentor and inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

  1. Be Hopeful
The church should give you a sense of hope in the midst of the country and the world’s current conditions and events and in the midst of your own desperate situations. Having the sense of belonging, being able to participate in changing the world, and developing your own personality with and through other members of the church, we should have a shield against depression. Although, I’m not concluding that it is absolute.

Like a close-knit family, one could back away at the sight of abnormality in their personal life and distance themselves from the pack. But having that attitude of prayer should transcend gratitude in your hearts; thus, a positive and better perspective in life.

So yes, these are the benefits and before we are able to enjoy these, we have to journey into the quest of finding the right church -- if we are in fact, looking for it. It’s imperative to find the right denomination that gives you these most common benefits and perhaps more.

Group Bible Study

I personally know people who would rather distance themselves from churches because they simply don’t want to share lives with people they don’t personally know, which is a good point. Trust issues are difficult to break down. They would rather build a small group to study the Bible together with their well-known friends. For some, that is sufficient. That’s good enough for them because ultimately, understanding what the Bible says and applying it in life is adequate.

Congregational Worship

In my personal experience, singing is an important part of going to church. Congregational worship has affected my walk with the Lord in so many ways. Not only was I able to sing songs I’ve heard for the first time but I felt and seen the strength and power that The Holy Spirit can do to an entire congregation during worship, which I would not have been able to witness, if I did not attend church.

Again, there is no perfect church. God plants you in a church where you will be used ultimately for His Honor and Glory. If you are growing mentally and spiritually in the church you are in right now, you have a dynamically evolving personal and intimate relationship with Christ, you are most probably in the church that’s right for you.

It’s not about the religion, it’s about your relationship with God. The church and the members cannot save you from hell but Jesus Christ already has. And it’s only a matter of how the church disciples you into a true follower of the One, True, Living God.

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