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Earth Approaching Reset

In this very vast universe where man is only as big as a dust particle, we struggle to have a better understanding of life and everything that’s in it. Every excruciating day is either an opportunity for growth or sinking sand to an endless pit to failure. It’s a challenge to ultimately comprehend life. Could God be any more incredibly ginormous that He can create all of these and have time to work on all of it, not making any single error or having the urge to backspace? How can something so complicated as the mechanism of the Earth be as simple to Him as the Human anatomy?

I’m bewildered and overwhelmed of all that I’ve seen in all the 25 years that I’ve been breathing. From the small miracles that happen every single day to the incredible show of His boundless powers. God is perfect but we are not. We choose to make wrong decisions. And as we witness one after another of His amazing powers as He shakes the Earth’s insides, we continue to live like the little blue dot in the universe that we call home, looms its doom. Soon enough, when the Earth gets tired and old like the human body, it will wilt and die. Where will be when that time comes? I’ve written something once about Global Warming. I’ll have to find it among my mountain of files but I remember reiterating that Global Warming is a serious issue. I’m not utterly surprised (and you probably don’t see or hear me complaining) because I know that it is our fault when the climate changes are radically drastic.

Ok, so maybe this article is a wee-bit complaining about one thing. It’s shouting out: What are we doing about it? So what if the only planet possible to live on implodes? So what if Global Warming causes the glaciers to melt and water will finally cover the surface of the Earth and we’ll all live underwater? It’s not like man isn’t genius enough to think of something. They say we can inhibit Mars. What are we doing wrong? Maybe we can’t all be superheroes and plant trees once in a while but we can lessen Earth’s breakdown. Perhaps we can tweak some small things that can make big changes—small movements that can make a big difference.

Taking one-hour showers. Nothing is wrong about being squeaky clean. I’m not judging. But it will really make a big difference if we only take 15-20 minutes? I’m sure that 40 more minutes would save 3-5 more gallons of precious water. Plus the water bill will be 60% way less.

Never turn off the lights. Wasting all the energy we can in our own household really throws back something to our environment. That’s why it’s a really big deal that we save electricity, thus the Earth Hour. One hour of not using the lights alone already makes a difference! What if we make Earth hour a weekly thing? Or better yet, a daily thing? Switching the lights off when we’re not using them may seem like a small move but it saves energy and it makes a really big difference even if we don’t see it—in the dark.

Buying all the tissue paper we can find and waste them. I’m sure there’s an old piece of cloth that could work in place of a tissue paper. Oh, wait! That’s called a handkerchief! What about the other things that can’t be wiped with a handkerchief? I’m so glad you asked! It’s a judgment call!

Use all the chemicals we can find for our hair. The shelves will never run out of products that we can apply on our head. Being our crowning glory, we love to pour on any bottle we can find just to make it shine and pop-out from a crowd—not that being bald is difficult, it’s great! Finding more natural or eco-friendly alternatives could be a really good idea because we do not risk the threat of getting early baldness and we save the environment by keeping the chemicals away from seeping, creeping and sneaking down into our water systems.

Throw all the plastic we can put our hands on. Let’s not recycle plastic—ever. And we will hear the rainstorm, thunderstorms, and all the wrath that Mother Earth could throw onto us. Or not. Plastic is a very destructive material, we all know that by now because almost all the grocery stores don’t give out plastic bags on a Wednesday. We have to buy a cloth bag for Php35 or pay for the plastic bags they use for our groceries. Plastic should be more expensive than any other material so that we couldn’t overuse it.

I went shopping once at a store and as shocked as I was, the sales lady asked if it was OK to put my purchased items in a used plastic bag. And I said, by all means! I appreciate the idea of recycling an old plastic bag instead of incessantly throwing it into the garbage.

Put them all together and burn them! Burning is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of all that trash we’ve produced but burning the trash would also mean the imbalance in our planet. Imbalance, just like the human body, it will surely try to repair itself or at the least show the brain what’s going on. It cries out in pain.

We should really try to slow things down. Although the end may be inevitable, at least we tried to take care of what’s left of it. Because we don’t only owe it to our ancestors, we are obligated to our children’s children to care for our little blue planet. It may be little, but it’s the only one we’ve got.

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