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My Best Kept Beauty Secrets

No woman would really want to reveal what keeps her beautiful, young-looking and blooming all the time but here I am breaking another rule just to be able to post something for my own selfish satisfaction. Besides, it might not be effective for you (Yes, you, reader). It’s always dependent on your body type, skin type, personality and preference. You might even disagree with me entirely! But, what the hey! I’d rather share it to keep ME beautiful!

Although I must remind you that as you read through you might say, ‘I’m already doing that!’ or ‘That’s nothing new to me,’ and it DOESN’T work, maybe you’re just not doing it right. Remember, it’s not what you do…IT’S HOW YOU DO IT. There should always be style in everything you do. (Hint. Hint. That’s one huge give-away tip!) Without style, you’re just doing it as a chore. It turns out to be a job that you have to do for someone else, instead of a well-deserved favor you do for yourself.


Care Less, Avoid Stress

One thing I always tell myself, or my friends, is to CARE LESS. Yes, you got it! Don’t care too much about what people will think, say, or hear about you. Don’t let them get the best of you. You ARE above and beyond them. Stress is the number one cause of ageing and disease, and people are the number one reason for stress. Since you can never avoid people just to stay young—or you’ll go totally go nuts, don’t allow yourself to be affected by insignificant thoughts they might have running in their brains when they see you walking up to the elevator wearing a skirt to the office on a cold and cloudy day. Fashion is always an art and a way of self-expression. Dress up for yourself—all the time! Carry yourself well and feel comfortable with what you’ve worn. OWN it. BE it. And, more importantly, thank anybody who gives you a compliment.

Separating yourself from things you shouldn’t really bother much about is never an easy thing, of course. If people all over town think that you are someone worth gossiping about, give them a reason to think that you’re not what they think you are (They probably have a good reason to think of you that way). If you hear what bad things people say about you, shrug it off gracefully and tell them that it’s not true. There is no reason to make the issue bigger. Running off to the gossip girl and shouting curses at her will only cause more issues, more gossip, and more stress—IT will make things worse than it already is. If it’s not really affecting your reputation much, don’t bother. You could simply go straight to her, talk professionally and tell her that what she’s saying is not true, with elegance. That ATTITUDE ought to teach her enough lessons not to gossip about you—at least not until the next season.

Stay away from Negativity

Stay away from negativity. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Negativity IS part of life—yin and yang. But when your office bestie babbles over and over and over and over and OVER about the really bad experience she’s had, give her one good advice, then LET GO. You can’t let her bad day drag you all the way down to her level of emotion if it’s not about a break-up with her boyfriend or death in the family. Showing too much empathy is NOT good. It’s negativity that can really GET you and EAT you all up like a little chocolate marshmallow—slowly and one chew at a time but all mashed up into nothingness in less than five seconds.

Yeah, I know. I love my office bestie, too! (Hi, Friend! ^^,) But hey, I have a life as well and it’s not always about her. Sometimes, you just have to keep away from things that really don’t concern you. Lessen the STRESS in your life. It’s stressful enough not to see your family for a month because you work two hours away from home and have to rent a place close to work for practical reasons. You’re getting nearly half of your daily dose of stress from your boyfriend who you miss so much because he works opposite hours from you, not to mention keeping up with your long distance relationship. That pimple on your chin is really a big stress-intensifier. Your feet are dying because of those heels. Your laundry hamper is invisible due to the piled up mountain of clothing you have used up and you have no time, money or resources to make the mountain of horrific disaster disappear. You haven’t eaten breakfast for getting up late because the eight-year-old mentally retarded kid on the other room cried for an hour and woke up at the middle of your deep sleep and you only got to get half an hour of shut-eye. You’re feeling bloated and downright fat today!

Admit it. Work is equal to STRESS. I’m sure bestie won’t mind much if you shrug her babbling off after listening to her. It’s her life. It’s better to leave her alone and let her live it.

It’s not nice to vent out to the entire universe each and every problem or COMPLAINT you might have. Words are often harsh when you say them in an angry or complaining tone. It’s not what you say…IT’S HOW YOU SAY IT. The message you want to deliver is always equally important as the manner of its delivery to be taken according to how you want it to be understood. So say it with the right ATTITUDE.

The Law of Attraction says that seeing everything that’s negative and incessantly complaining about it will attract more negativity into you. You MAGNETIZE what you think of. So if you think that you are unlucky today, that is already true. You are what you think. Your APPROACH to a spur-of-the-moment event and how you react or behave on a certain stimulus will result to another one that depends on what you attract. So, always attract the positive.

Expect Little of Everyone

We are all people and we make lots of mistakes but as humans, sometimes, we set a standard that no one can ever reach so the best thing is lower your expectations. Give everyone around you the BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. Do not get irate at every instance that a person does a simple mistake that causes you a lot. Instead, let it go. Getting angry at someone who may be at fault gives them a wrong impression of who you are and set you off at the wrong foot. If you allow yourself to be affected because of your Mount-Everest-high of expectations, you have failed the purpose of the climb. Give everyone a chance, because we all deserve one. And instead of flaring up, smile and look for a solution.

Do Not Worry

And best of all, RELAX, God is in charge. Pray like everything depends on Him, then work like everything depends on you. Do not WORRY! Worry is not in the equation. Worrying causes a very high level of stress! After you’ve prayed for a concern, let go of it as if it’s not yours to solve any more. Trust everything to Him. Talk and tell Him all your problems and know in your heart that He will make them all melt and disappear into thin air. Pray, eat, love.

More Basic Beauty Secrets

Love yourself. Love people who love you. Cuddle with them. FOCUS on them. Don’t focus on things that hurt you. Make sure that your thoughts are heard by someone. Learn a hobby and do it to release tension and stress. Vent out when you need to. Shout and scream at the top of your lungs. Cry. LIVE. Life is never smooth so you have to accept that there will be humps—boulders, if you may, that will be blocking your road. That doesn’t mean that you are meant to give up. There is always a way. Smile proudly at yourself after standing up from the floor where you fell and wave like a beauty queen.


Best Kept Beauty Secret - Have the Right Attitude

To be honest with you, my best-kept beauty secret is simply having the right ATTITUDE. That’s it. If you go through everything that I’ve written above, there’s nothing much about beauty perpetuation. It’s actually more of how you treat yourself well. How you love yourself by keeping stress at a distance where you will be able to tolerate it. Enjoy LIFE! It will be more bearable if you know the things that are important to you—things that you should carry with you. So NEVER carry excess baggage. If you are between a rock and a hard place, think that someone is in a way more worse situation than you are in, because I assure you, there is always someone who’s had it worse then you.

So smile. It’s all about ATTITUDE.

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