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Viral Photo: The Embarrassing Situation of Poop Girl

I remembered one time when one of my nieces was still in kindergarten, she went home from school wearing a dress which was not hers and all of us in the family noticed it and asked whose dress she was wearing. She did not reply and instead a classmate of hers, who was one of the children in the neighborhood said that she pooped at school. It was so messy that their teacher let her wear her own daughter’s dress.  We all laughed at the incident and told my niece that she was already a full pledge pupil as she had experienced what most kids suffered from while at school at one point in time during pre-school years.

This memory was triggered by a viral photo rounding up in the Internet right now about a young lady who was presumed to have a stomach upset yet drank her way in one of the bars in the Philippines.  The alcohol did it and she pooped while standing in the bar.  It was not known what happened after that. The lady and the bar wasn't identified either but one thing is sure, this is indeed an embarrassing situation. 


The question of the day is that if this thing happened to you, what will you do?  Here are some suggestions.

  1. Do a Melanie Marquez, strut and ramp at the aisle of the bar and say “Kaya ninyo iyan?” (Can you do it better than I do?)
  2. Walk away and distort your face while making your grand exit so that people will not recognize you.
  3. Ask for tissue paper and wipe your own mess and say, “I’m going to kill the person who did this!”
  4. Since the situation is already gross, why not complete the scene, using your pointed finger scoop out a portion of the poop lick it and say, “Oh, what a delicious peanut butter this one.”
  5. You can stare at somebody beside you head to foot while covering your nose and glance at the poop and look back at the person you stared at from head to toe.
  6. Simply shout, “somebody stole my panties and the evidence is there” then point your finger on the poop.
  7. Lastly, you can probably perform an impersonation of Sisa and look for Basilio and Crispin. 
This viral photo clearly supports the notion that alcohol is not only dangerous to your health, it is also fatal to your reputation.  Lucky for this girl because based on the comments, she is not alone about experiencing stomach upsets while killing time in a bar.  Some netizens however, made it to the comfort room while others did not but created the mess just in the nick of time and at the appropriate place.  I also had this kind of moment but the mess was due to lack of water and I had to say goodbye to my undies. 

What about you? What do you think you will do should this thing happen to you?

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