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Reminders and Must Haves Before Your Trip to Palawan

If you're planning a trip to Palawan, particularly El Nido, here are reminders and must haves before you go:
  • There are no ATMs in El Nido so withdraw money if you must in Puerto Princesa City or elsewhere before you head over El Nido.
  • If you're planning on joining an island hopping tour, you can save on gear by bringing your own or renting from other locations (not El Nido). There's a Buddhist temple with that "Welcome to El Nido" sign you can drop by along the road where gears like flippers, aqua shoes, snorkel gear, and more are cheaper. The same gears will be worth it since most locations for island hopping have rocky coral formations in beach waters. 

  • If you choose a tour which includes the Small Lagoon in the itinerary, better rent a kayak if you're no swimmer. It takes more than 2 kilometers long of swim back and forth from where boats are parked to reach where the lagoon is actually located. You'd get cuts from rocks and corals and get bitten by territorial fishes while swimming too. 
  • Most products are more expensive in El Nido compared to the other locations so you can save money by buying in other locations. You better bring your own food if you can. Instant food like noodles or canned goods can go a long way. Fish is also more affordable in the next town if you plan to cook. For souvenir items, scour the LRC 908 Market Mall in Puerto Princesa City instead. 
  • It's always cheaper to travel in a group because you can rent a van exclusively for your group unless you are comfortable with commuting (it's Php 500 pesos on a commuter van from Puerto Princesa to El Nido). The same applies to island hopping tours. 

    • If you can find a boat crew with no tour schedule from their agency, they would gladly tour you around the islands for a cheaper price so be on the lookout for those along the coast line where boats are parked. You may have to bring your own lunch though (this is usually included in a tour package).

    • There are very affordable lodging available in El Nido (as low as Php300 for fan boarding house type of rooms to Php600 for air conditioned private rooms) but you get what you pay for so don't expect a lot. You can always look for more comfortable yet expensive hotels within the area. 
    • Lastly, have fun

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