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Up in the Air with AirAsia

My first thoughts aboard an Air Asia flight was the news of casualties from this airline company last year including flight QZ8501. So much as I trusted the pilot and their crew as they surely wouldn't compromise passengers safety as well as their own lives, there's nothing wrong with saying a little prayer before the flight.

Those previous issues from the same airline is compounded by a delayed flight. We were already on board but were advised by the captain on the cockpit that due to air traffic, our plane will have to wait for 5 minutes. That has long been gone and actually took more than an hour before the plane was allowed for take off at the domestic Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It's quite understandable though because countless folks are spending their summer spree. So our arrival was late. 

Our flight home from Palawan back to NAIA was faster though. All passengers were accounted for and already aboard the plane right after check in (save for some prima donna couple). The plane took off about 30 minutes earlier than the schedule and hence arrived at Pasay 45 minutes before the predicted arrival time. 

In-plane food is very expensive though so you are better off eating at the airport. The latter is just a little less cheaper but still expensive. :) 

It's the clouds I enjoyed watching during the entire flight and I remembered the whole brouhaha recently of Melissa Mendez offloaded from a Cebu Pacific flight after a ruckus with businessman Rey Pamaran and some crew. It all started with the clouds. She was taking pictures beside a seat next to the window that wasn't assigned to her. 

Contact AirAsia through their website www.airasia.com or their Facebook page www.facebook.com/AirAsia.

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