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Miki Merienda

A hot bowl of miki soup is something I always miss from the province, particularly from barangay Puelay (along the highway) of the town of Villasis, Pangasinan. There are other places up north which serves miki but I haven't seen one anywhere around Metro Manila. Hence, I make it a point to have a merienda of miki whenever we're in town. 

Miki Merienda

It doesn't matter whatever the weather is. Miki is still hot even during hot summer days. But it's also perfect to warm up cool rainy day afternoons, mornings, or even evenings if you may.

For only Php 10, you can already feast on a bowl of miki. You can also add egg or a pack of local bread (both Php 8 each), and soft drinks (prices vary).  

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